Have Cheetah,Will View #107 – “Interview With A Hitman” (2012)

It’s 3:05 pm
gray and wants to rain

I told the cheetah that I was going out on a errand of mercy to help a pal with busted up car and I would be back in a while. The mission completed,I stopped by my local Family Video place to see what fun they had.  The pickings were quite slim as another guy had swooped in and bought all the low budget priced movies. For a second I thought,maybe he was a regular blog reader and got hip to my Family Video deals….but its probably a Ebay-Amazon seller who was re-stocking his store.
Anyways,I still look at the titles on the shelf when I came across “Interview With A Hitman”. Of course I thought of of the Anne Rice book/movie “Interview With A Vampire” and wondered if this was a overlooked sequel? I decided to take a chance because it has Luke Goss on the cover and as many of you may know,Luke Goss kicks ass! The cheetah and I stumbled across one of our favorite films that Luke co-starred in, “The Night Crew”.
So we were both looking forward to seeing what this movie was going to bring us…

The film opens with a very young boy holding a pistol at a little girl,are they playing or did the little boy find a real gun and doesn’t it? The scene fades to intersect two stories,a older man who is driving out into the country side by himself.  The other has a young man arriving at a hotel where he changes into a jogging suit and starts out on a run.
We go back to the older man,it appears as if he either trying to fake a kidnapping or make a suicide look like a murder as he follows steps including a taking a pill that causes him to pass out.
Meanwhile the young is found to be casing another man,he goes back to hotel room and assembles a pistol with a silencer. He dresses up as a pizza delivery man and heads to his target,when the door is opened the young man enters and kills the target.
The next day the first man,the one whom we thought had died is indeed alive and well. He proceeds to start putting together a camera,setting up for a one on one interview. We know now the man he is going to talk to the hitman we saw a few minutes earlier.
The interviewer turns out to be a once well known film director who is hoping to make a comeback with interviewing a real contract killer. He proceeds to start the interview and the camera starts rolling….


The hitman’s name is Viktor and he was born and raised in Romania in abject poverty. He lives with his alcoholic and abusive father and downtrodden mom in a huge apartment complex controlled by a local thug named Sergei.
Viktor is hanging with his best 3 friends when a older boy approaches and asks Viktor where the money he owes him is at,when Viktor can’t come up with it,they fight and Viktor takes a lump before being called home. When he gets there,he sees two men beat on his dad because he owes Sergei money.

Viktor then walks down to where Sergei is and asks for job,Sergei at first laughs at him and sends a young thug to slap Viktor out of the doorway,Viktor ends up stopping the bigger boy and Sergei is impressed,he decides to take Viktor under his wing. He gives Viktor a little bit of money and at 12 years old Viktor goes to work as an enforcer.
Soon the people in the complex give way to Viktor as he is earning a reputation quickly as someone you don’t want to cross.

This is shown as we replay the scene from the start of the movie,Viktor has come to collect a debt owed Sergei,when the adult male scoffs at Viktor,he kills the man and his wife and was drawing a bead on the girl when Sergei’s men grab him and hustle him to another gangster named Traffikant. It is here that Viktor learns and hones his craft during many years living  under Sergei. Viktor becomes a trusted soldier for Traffikant but when Traffikant’s son botches a drug deal and kills the other men,Traffikant is forced to sacrifice Viktor and sends Sergei to do it. But Viktor has proved to be a apt student and he gets the upper hand on his mentor and father figure.


Sergei claims Viktor is cold and unfeeling….but he is surprised when Viktor reaches into his wallet and shows Sergei the money he had given him as a child. He then kills Sergei and fakes his own death before escaping to London.
Viktor has a chance for a new beginning,he meets a woman and falls in love for the first time,he can start his life totally anew IF he chooses to. What will Viktor do with his second chance and how will he once and for all break the clutches of his past?

Sort of silly to leave such open ended questions when one already knows there will be no easy ending for Viktor. He has made his bed and the chances are very slim he’ll escape his deserved fate because make no mistake about it,Viktot,despite killing mostly fellow thugs in his profession,has a lot skeletons in his closet that he has to face.
So did the cheetah and I like “Interview With A Hitman”? Yes and no. I enjoyed the performances of Luke Goss as Viktor. Despite his outer appearance and seemingly uncaring reactions,Goss isn’t afraid to let Viktor not only have emotions but mercy as well as he gets older and hopefully wiser. The key scene with Sergei (Danny Midwinter) shows Goss’s depth as a actor. I read that Goss seems to have made a “excellent living off Jason Statham’s droppings” but I think that is entirely unfair and does a disservice to both men who have worked hard on establishing their careers. Each man is is his own artist.

The rest of the cast is also strong,Elliott Greene is a powerhouse as a young Viktor. Sadly he seems to have dropped being a actor after this film came out.  Midwinter does a fine job as Sergei who is boxed into attempting to kill Viktor who he loves like a son.
Young French actress Caroline Tillette as Bethesda,the woman who could hold the key to Viktor’s salvation is beautiful and lights up the screen whenever she is on it. She and Goss make for a smart match and hopefully will get to work together soon on another project.
Director and writer Perry Bhandal has taken a somewhat tired plot and put some real muscle into his movie. Some great action scenes as well as showing off his strong characters really lift “Interview” up and beyond your normal gangster film.
I must also note the driving and relentless score that Dan Teicher has delivered here,not a false note here as the music helps build up the proper tension and allows “Interview” to breath.
So all this praise and why are the cheetah and I sort of on the fence here? Simply and clearly…..Viktor is a killer and he isn’t a anti-hero or a vigilante,he kills for money. Personally I can never really root for a character like this. This is my opinion only and I can’t stop that from giving “Interview With Hitman” a thumbs/3 paws up rating.

Let us know what you think? Can you ever really root for a bad guy in a movie?
If so,who would you root for? Drop us a comment below!






16 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #107 – “Interview With A Hitman” (2012)

  1. I think the only bad guy in a movie I’ve ever rooted for was Dracula (Bram Stoker’s, of course). This sounds like a thought-provoking movie, and it makes you wonder how many of those single men out there in London are actually hitmen from other countries who have faked their death and fled – he’d do well to just stay single. :/

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  2. It seems that I am always wishing the bad guys go well in movies. My favourite movies are the ones that Jason Stathan is in. Even though he seems to kill thousands of people, I always want him to survive!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve aways found films about hitmen so interesting, you never know if you’ve passed one on the street! Such a crazy and weird part of the world that we don’t know much about! Sounds like a brilliant film


  4. This sounds like an amazing film, I need to see it. I always root for Dracula (Christopher Lee and Luke Evans).


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