Have Cheetah,Will View #117 – “Jerusalem” (2013)

It’s 5:00 PM

It’s no secret that the cheetah and I love a good documentary. We have reviewed a few of them here and would review more but they are hard to find in the wild. For some reason,outside the library,I never see them at the usual places. I caught a little luck when I found “Jerusalem”,I had never heard of it until another movie collector on YouTube shared that he had picked up a copy for 13.00 online. He mentioned that IMAX feature was going out of print and prices rise sharply when that happens.
I had no idea about that or any other going out print,I generally operate on the “If I see it and it’s priced right,I’ll buy it”. As my regular readers already know,my budget for movies is 1.50 and below.

My local Family Video ran a sale for Thanksgiving,any title that sold for 1.99 would now be a 1.00. I felt both bad that the store was going to be open on Thanksgiving but also happy as I am not doing anything today,so why not shop for some bargains?
So in doing so,I came across “Jerusalem” and it was included in the sale. Upon a closer look,it turns out that this is a IMAX filmed documentary as well. The cheetah and I have reviewed the other two that I have found as well. These made especially made for IMAX theaters films are just incredibly filmed and the cameras capture some of the breathtaking views.


“Jerusalem”,which was produced by the National Geographic is no different. The film covers the inner walled old city of Jerusalem in which three different cultures share the heart of Jerusalem. To the Christians,Islams and Jews,each see Jerusalem as the holiest of cities and all have temples,shrines and churches with the walls. Each religion has its won historical ties as well as Jerusalem has been captured over 40 times in its long and storied life.

The film follows three young women of the three cultures as they explain what Jerusalem means to them and their people. The irony is not lost on the viewer as each explains the importance of each ceremony and tradition while acknowledging that they also do not interact with the others who share space but are separated by gates.
The history of Jerusalem is shared and different parts of Israel are also shown such as the great fortress of Masada where a band of Jewish rebels held out to the last against the Roman Army.

We meet archaeologist Dr. Jodi Magness as she is leading a team into revealing the many layers of Jeusalem as  different rulers built on the ruins of the city each time they captured it.  A massive pit is shown as the work is progressing this in turn will reveal much needed information on how the city was created.
One very interesting fact shown was that Jerusalem has fresh water running through it and that in the much older days,workers had to go through solid bedrock to get to it. This was done by hand.

The documentary does show in detail such holy days such as Easter and Ramadan to the Christians and Muslims cultures,the praying wall is very somber as many tens of thousands come from all over the world to say a prayer and leave a note if possible.
The film ends as all three three women lament that they hope one day that one day their neighbors will get to know them,co-residents of the holiest city,bound by one God yet divided by cultural differences.


This is a very worthy documentary to look up. Narrated by actor Benedict Cumberbatch
“Jerusalem” is lovely to look at. As with the other two IMAX films we have seen the one gripe is because the film is so expensive to shot,the run times are so short and “Jerusalem” is no different as it only has a 42 minute length.
My other small tick was wishing Dr. Magness’s work was covered a bit more then the 2-4 minutes the pit was shown. But otherwise,this wonderfully directed film by Daniel Ferguson is a real gem. Reed Smoot handled the camerawork and its excellent which isn’t shocking as Reed has over 90 projects completed as a cinematographer.
“Jerusalem” has a couple of making of featurettes included as well.


You can buy “Jerusalem” on the National Geographic website.

The cheetah and I gave this documentary a thumbs/paw straight up.

What documentary have you watched last? Leave a comment below.

15 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #117 – “Jerusalem” (2013)

  1. The images look stunning so I can image the cinematography would be great as well, to top it I love Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice.


  2. Loved the trailer and I think it’s worth watching. It would be nice to get to know Jerusalem and its people more. I’ts definitely a must see even if you’re not a fan of documentaries.


  3. I had no idea National Geographic did documentaries like this – it sounds like really good watching, to be honest. I’ll have to look out for it.


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