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Have Cheetah,Will View #123 – “That ONE Audition with Alyshia Ochse Podcast”

It’s 2:01 pm

I’m looking out at a gray overcast and chilly day. Paladin is a bit miffed because the day WAS sunny and he was solaring down by his patio window. But the change in the weather has forced him back to his comfy blanket in his bedroom.
A few months ago I was out movie hunting and came across a indie horror from Dark Sky Films called “Convergence”. I had had never heard of it but I liked the cast as Ethan Embry was playing a bad guy and I had never seen him play in that kind of role. It also co-starred Mykelti Williamson who co-starred in one of my favorite films ever,”Miracle Mile”. So for 1.50,I took a chance and bought it.


It was while watching this film that I saw actress Alyshia Ochse for the first time. I thought her turn as “Hannah” was a big highlight in a pretty decent film. While I watched this before starting my review series,I will be going back and doing a review of “Convergence”.
As with anyone I am new too,I started to poke around online and discovered that Alyshia had started a podcast,”That ONE Audition”. I found a link to the podcast on her website and listened to the episode with actress Katheryn Winnick (Vikings).
While I have also listened Kevin Pollack’s Chat Show and have enjoyed some of the guests,I noticed that he overwhelmingly interviews just male artists. Out of 333 guests,only 40 have been with female artists. I found that rather off putting and quit listening to it.

So finding Alyshia’s podcast where she interviews not only the very known stars like Katheryn Winnick and Julie Benz but also some great character actors like Erin Cahill and Lane Garrison was a breath of fresh air.
The premise of the podcast is a one on one interview detailing with the guest’s career,from the beginning of it to the present day and how they worked hard to establish a name in Hollywood. What I really like about Alyshia’s interview style is it feels like you’re really at the table listening to two FRIENDS as well as peers just shoot the breeze.
It doesn’t sound like a interview,the questions and direction of the show seem organic as there is no set pattern to what is going to be said. I find structured interviews come across as stiff and shallow,free flowing talk just feels so much real!

I also find I like listening to character actors,they don’t always get the spotlight or a spot on the big talk shows. But the stories they share and how relaxed Alyshia makes them feel is outstanding. The podcast is relatively new as it has done 18 full length episodes plus a really great “bonus” interview with casting director Jennifer Cooper,which was so revealing and interesting! If you ever wondered how certain people seem to always be onscreen all the time,you’ll want to listen to this interview.
Auditioning is hard road for everyone,many established names with loads of projects still have to go through the process. Hearing about their first times about what they had to experience during that one audition makes for great storytelling and you are bound to be quite charmed by some of the stories you will from Alyshia’s guests.

I provided a link to my favorite podcast interview that Alyshia has done,it’s a very moving and brave interview with actor Johnathon Schaech who discusses his career very openly. I came away very impressed both with the questions Alyshia asks and how honest and emotionally Jonathon shared his answers.

This is a very worthy podcast and it will only get better as Alyshia will continue to find those artists willing to talk about That ONE Audition.

You can listen to the interview with Johnathon Schaech here

You can follow Alyshia Ochse and follow her career plus sign up to find when a new podcast episode drops by going to her website.

You can also follow That ONE Audition on Twitter – @ThatOneAudition


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