Have Cheetah,Will View #130 – “Choosing Sides” (2013)

It’s 5:28 pm

So after I finished up my review for Night Job,I checked my email and sitting there in the in-box was a message of one of our favorite people,the mighty Timothy Cox. He sent us a small short film that he had done in 2013 that he seemed to think the cheetah and I would love to take a peek at. As usual,Timothy was right as Paladin and I sat through a very pointed look at  “Choosing Sides”.

Just in time for Christmas……a very sassy and somewhat interesting peek at two parents trying to help their soon to be 12 year old son pick a path to God. While on the surface,this come across as comedy but watch “Choosing Sides” again and instead of religion,imagine politics,social issues,education,dogs vs. cats and suddenly it becomes rather dark. Listening to how the parents are trying to fill son’s head with own singular set of values and to the extremes they will go to do it is frightening and true.
Timothy Cox and Rachel Lynn Jackson are pretty remarkable as they are both pleasant looking people and yet hearing the poison masked behind their faces,excellently done.
Max Plush,who plays the son does a fine job of showing that this “discussion” has been repeated before on different subjects and that he is wise enough to find his own way.

“Choosing Sides” was written by Yael Green and directed/filmed/edited by Lee Loechler and has a run time of of 5:47 seconds. This short film would be rated “R” strong language.
Both Paladin and I gave this a thumbs/paw straight up.

As I sat here finishing this up,I thought I would add an extra bonus video from the wonderfully talented Whitney Avalon who also was discussing the world’s different religions with her daughter.  The ending is is pretty devilish to say the least!


Let us know what you think about “Choosing Sides”. How would you handle talking about religion with your children? Leave a comment below!!

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