Cheetah Treats 101


It’s 12:19 am

Looking outside at a grey day and trying to get my fingers working on this entry. I have hit a block this week. Been trying to write my way through it but it has been hard this year. I have managed to completely avoid all the stores this holiday period other then a trip to Target to pick up some cheetah food (special ordered) and a 10 minute sprint into Kohl’s with our family friend Cheryl who was hunting for a gift for her husband and also a Secret Santa gift.

cat treats
The store was pretty busy at 9:30 am but we were able to get through it rather quickly.
Still rather painful to watch the hustle and bustle of Christmas so I pretty much try and avoid the crowds. We then went shopping for Cheryl’s Christmas dinner. She and her husband host a rather large family now at the house as they celebrate together. I got a turkey breast to cook for Christmas dinner,it looks foolproof so that means I won’t burn it. The cheetah got gifted 10 cans of Fancy Feast and 2 bags of his favorite Temptation treats. Thank you again Jerry and Cheryl for thinking of Paladin.
The cheetah has been in rare form the last couple of weeks,he has made a box that I got from Amazon his new fort,I can hear him jump into it or swat it across the room. I added to the mayhem by putting some catnip into the box and he loves that. But walking by him while he is high on the ‘nip and curled up in the box is rather risky,he has attacked my sweatpants every time I have walked by. He does it so fast that my brain doesn’t catch up until I have walked into the basement,grabbed some popcorn,popped it and sat down to watch a DVD…then my leg goes “What the hell?????”. Good times!!

He loves his treats,right? But like anything else,treats can be a little expensive so I am always looking for the sales. Kroger is actually a good place to shop because they do a lot of clearance sales. A while ago,they were clearing out a IAMS salmon flavored treat for .70 cents,I was lucky enough to get the last bag. So I take it home and give it to Paladin.
I have moved his treat station upstairs to the den where he can eat at the windowsill and watch the birds and hang out with me.  I put 4-5 pieces out and he eats,then either will nap or asked to get picked up for water,yes,I do pamper him.
So anyways,I am at another Kroger and I see the same flavor being cleared out and I buy all four bags this time. I’m happy,I have a nice little treat stash for Paladin for a good price. So when the time comes to break open a new bag,things look good. I put 4-5 pieces out and he gobbles them up.
Paladin does two things when he wants fresh treats,he’ll sit on the bed and make a throaty ‘rawr” which if you have heard a cheetah roar,know what THAT sounds like.
The other way is when  I’m at the computer and he’ll bump the chair and go under the desk where he rubs against my feet. That is the signal for “treats,please”.
The open bag is on a bookshelf and I’ll grab 4-5 pieces and give them to him…well when I go and do this,I see his old treats are still there. I pick them up and then put them down again. He dashes up to inspect them and then looks at me,I tell him “Uh,you loved those before,why the sudden change of spots”? It isn’t until I am sitting on the couch and reading “Blue Labyrinth” that Paladin jumps back on the windowsill. He bumps my head once and then I hear him start to eat. Now that is the somewhat new thing….if I put any treats other then Temptations down,I have to sit on the couch before he starts chowing down.

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