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Have Cheetah,Will View #139 – “Mallas,Ma” (2013)

It’s 7:06 pm

So last Friday it was a bitterly cold,snow on the ground,tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich kind a day. Then during the course of the week,it warmed up dramatically,hit almost 60 degrees and melted all the snow on the ground by Thursday.
Today it’s Friday,we have snow on the ground,its brutally cold outside and we have heavy winds which will  make it even colder.  The cheetah curled up under his blanket for most of the day so this review is a solo one.
In Boston,they have a vibrant film and theater community,lots of good talent resides in the city and since its so close to New York City,it’s a easy commute going both ways.
One of the events Boston’s film community hosts is the “Boston 48 Hour Film Project” in which a crew has two days to make a complete short film. Sounds easy,right? Not so fast my fine feathered friends,think about it for a second,sure you could pull a Tommy Wiseau and film in a bathroom. I mean watching a film about a guy brushing his teeth would certainly be a hit,right?
But a real film crew would write a story,find some cool locations,hire some excellent actors,edit the film,score it and have it ready for viewing in a mere 48 hours. Which is what Team Fix It In Post has done and done extremely well. “Mallas,Ma” while only 7 and a half minutes long,packs quite a punch.


“Two bumbling con artists try to pull one over on a small, superstitious town by posing as paranormal investigators.”

Brian Higgins (Timothy J. Cox) and Maria Snyder (Maria Natapov) are the two bumbling paranormal would be investigators. Brian rigs up some gadgets that makes a lot flash and noise but really do zero.
When they enter a house,they pass by another “expert” who is leaving. The home owner invites Brian and Maria in to do their thing. They proceed to go the basement and basically are killing time before they make their “discovery”.

When they find a young girl watching them,they decide to have fun by using the girl as their ghost. Maria tries to tell the girl how to pose but its when Brian takes over does she understand. The trio walks around the house and the neighborhood filming and taking pictures.
When Brian and Maria are guests on a local news show about the paranormal,Brian shocks everyone with some incredible comments,leaving everyone in shock….but why now? What would cause this hardened con-man to utter the unexpected? How will Maria react and will she stand with Brian?


This is quite good and what I really loved about it is the answer is right there in front you but it will take a viewer 3-4 viewings to solve the mystery.  Full praise has to go with co-writer/director Sean Meehan,Daniel Benrube and Todd Mahoney for such a sharp and very sweet story. Rick Macomber does a terrific job behind the camera as well.
Meehan and Benrube also do a great editing job,if you didn’t know they only had 48 hours,you would never have guessed,its that seamless.
And of course having a top notch cast can only help and with long time favorite Timothy Cox as Brian,the acting was in good hands. But I was touched by the two sisters who played the girl Sydney in the basement. Uatchet Jin Juch and Nekhebet Kum Juch are wonderfully and very charming in the dual role. Maria Natapov’s best scene comes during the final credits and will have you cracking up.

I really do love great short films like this….and can only imagine the pure chaos the crew must have endured to set up,shoot and move. “Mallas,Ma” is a lot fun and I gave it a thumbs up.

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