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I Sing – Mary Lou Lord – “Some Jingle Jangle Morning”

It’s 1:42 pm
grey and cold

I was getting ready for bed last night and I as I was setting up my white noise for the night,which at the moment is old radio shows,I caught a post from singer/songwriter Mary Lou Lord.

She asked the following on her Facebook page:

“What’s something you’ve done that you’re fairly sure you are the only one on my friends list who has done it?”

I started reading the thread and there were a lot of very unique answers to be sure of.
So I decided to add my own….and that was booking a show with Mary Lou.


Back in October of 1997,Mary Lou was signed to Sony Records,she was already a legendary performer back on the East Coast and had toured with the late Elliott Smith.
When Mary Lou was touring to help spread the word on her Sony debut “Got No Shadow”,I called her agency to see if I could get a date which I was blessed enough to get.
Mary Lou was one of the finest singers I had the pleasure to book and one of the sweetest as well.
She and I chatted on the corner of First and San Salvador which was where Agenda was located. She had her guitar in her hand and she actually sang a couple of songs on the corner. This was way before the show and she had finished loading in and Rees,our excellent sound guru wasn’t there to yet to do her sound check. Mary Lou had some time to kill and so we chatted about the live music scene in San Jose as I believe this was her first time playing here. She was very gracious and I was struck at how such a big and powerful voice could come of such a small woman. Just pure gold and a real down to earth human being.
We had a great turnout and a lot of that credit goes to the best music journalist the Metro had during my years there,Todd Inoue. He wrote a great little blurb in his column hyping the show. Not only did we have a great night but her show made the Metro’s “Best Shows of 1997” list.  Two of my shows that year made the list,Mary Lou at the Agenda and Bis at the EDGE. I booked some wonderful talent and
One of my favorite songs of Mary Lou sang that night was “Some Jingle Jangle Morning”.  Mary Lou is still singing and making music today.


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