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Have Cheetah,Will View #142 – “Angry Birds Toons: Season 1,Vol. 1” (2013)

It’s 10:01 pm

Went out this weekend to do a little movie hunting. Dollar Tree had one of their big DVD-BluRay sales they have once every four months.  Its always a crap shoot as to what films will be on sale,different stores get assortments. It’s part of the fun of shopping these sales,you never know what you’ll get.
While the selection for me this time around was rather thin,I did decide to pick up a title that caught my eye,the first season of Angry Bird Toons. While I have heard of Angry Birds,I have never seen anything related to them on any level. This would be a truly blind buy,it either would be fun or I would just donate it to the library.

The basic premise of the show is a group of birds defending three eggs from a group of pigs and the various plots and plans the pigs come up with to capture those eggs.
The cartoons are between 2-4 minutes long and are very funny. It was like looking back at classic Warner Brothers and MGM cartoons,a lot of slapstick and literal comedy. There isn’t any voice overs,just different chirps,grunts,laughter and yes,anger but not in the sense of the word. It comes across as a character being vexed at either being tricked,having a plan go into wind or confused at running a race and still finishing last.

The birds are led by Red the Cardinal and he is aided by Chuck,a yellow canary who has various special abilities. Matilda is the mom of the eggs and is most likely a dove.
Bomb Bird is a pigeon and when he gets angry,he goes nuclear and blows his top. The Blues are 3 bluebirds siblings who are just leaving chickdom. They are very playful and extremely fast and enjoy all sorts of sports like skateboarding. They also are not above playing practical jokes on both Red and Chuck.

The last bird is the giant Terence who is massively huge,he is bigger then the rest of the flock combined. He appears to very slow but Terence is a lot more then meets the feather. He is the only bird that the pigs will not tangle with.
The above mentioned pigs is run by a slightly loopy dictator who rules his kingdom as a quasi-military state. The king is aided by a French chef pig and his military is led by a Corporal.  The majority of the 26 episodes sees various plans by the pigs to capture the three unhatched eggs and the birds foiling their plans.
The five episodes that the cheetah and I enjoyed the most were the following:


1.  Another Birthday
One of pig citizens is celebrating a birthday but no one seems to know or care.
As his special day comes to close without anyone acknowledging it,will someone step in to save the day?

2. Cordon Bleugh
Matilda’s cooking leaves a lot to be desired…maybe you can’t eat it but it does have its purpose in stopping a pig raid.

3. Gardening with Terence
Matilda is beside herself when Terence’s presence blocks out the sun and cause her garden to suffer. She can’t get him to move so she comes up with a creative idea to save her beloved plants.

4. Run Chuck Run
Chuck prides himself as the fastest Angry Bird so why is he always behind an unexpected speedster?


5. Hypno Pigs
The pigs manage to hypnotize Red and clear the way to finally steal those darn eggs.
But a chance to have fun with Red proves to be the better choice as the pigs have a lot of fun at his expense.


Angry Birds were created in Finland and this cartoon was the result of the huge popularity of the game. A new animation studio,Rovio,was created and a staff of 100 young and talented artists worked on the show. The animation is clear and sharp. While you would think voices would be needed but I think Rovio played it right in letting the various facial  expressions and grunts as the main communication,this worked for decades in the case of the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote.,why not a flock of birds and pigs?


Angry Birds Toons has a run time of 72 minutes and features 26 episodes.
Special features include making of features,a bonus Christmas themed episode and a character picture gallery.

The cheetah and I both thought Angry Birds was quite charming and that adults will find themselves laughing along with their kids as they watch this toon together.

For more information on getting this title,please visit Sony Pictures.

For more information on Rovio, please visit them here.


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