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Scottish Folds

It’s 8:56 am

Looking outside at a cold brisk morning while the cheetah looks outside and Steve Hartsoe is singing on my Spotify channel.  I had another rough night,January has been kicking my ass memory wise this year,I haven’t shed so many tears or had so many nightmares since right after Lori Ann passed away.  Even the cheetah’s magical purring in my ear hasn’t kept the sadness and longing at bay.Sleeping in her spot (because my mattress is worn out on mine) seems to have been a bad idea.
One thing I have been doing more of late is reading and reading a lot. I culled my bookshelves of books I just know I’m never am going to read and donated,the rest I am hitting with a vengeance,I trade off between a fiction and a non-fiction book.   I have shared my story about Derek Jeter and how we got picked to appear on The Suze Orman Show. But the story behind it goes deeper then I what I shared…

It come as a surprise to you all that Lori and I love cats. I know,right? I mean,who would have guessed that? One of the fun things we used to like doing was attending cat shows.
Plop down down our 7 bucks (free parking however!) and go inside to check all the beautiful cats and their owners who pampered over them.
Every show had different categories that were judged and we used to always attend two every show,the Persians and of course the best one,domestic cats (your basic housekitty). We always had a great time and would always look forward to the next show and talk about the cats we just saw over a cup of coffee at Barnes and Noble.
It was after one such show that something quite different happened. Now where I loved to read,Lori was wasn’t the reader I was,especially fiction. I only saw her read one fiction book in our years together and that was “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown. Otherwise she enjoyed reading magazines and coffee table books on cities,history and art.

So when she came back from browsing,she had a book with a cat on the cover. The name of the book was “The Cat Who Went To Paris” and it was written by writer Peter Gethers. This was our first time we had seen or heard of the Scottish Fold cat. Much to my surprise,Lori ended up wanting to read it so I bought it for her.
She ended up reading the other two books about Norton,”A Cat Aboard” and “The Cat Who’ll Live Forever” as well. We kept our eyes out for Scottish Folds at various cat rescues but were told that folded ears Folds were very rarely seen at humane shelters or rescues. There are Scottish Fold breeders which I discovered by reading “Cat Fancy” magazine.
Our next cat show,we went for main purpose of seeing a Scottish Fold for the first time and they were as sweet as advertised,big round heads with owl eyes and very playful and gentle personalities.
It was during this time that we stared watching the Suze Orman Show and Lori was reading the last Norton book (with a box of tissues). Our favorite part of the show was the “Can I Afford It?” segment and while we wanted to get a Fold,a pure bred Scottish Fold can cost as much as a 1,000.00 a cat. (So you already know how much a cheetah must cost,right?) That was a LOT of money and there was no way we would ever pay that for a cat.
But we thought it might make a good “Can I Afford It?” and so I sent the show our question and history was made.

Flash forward all the way to a couple of months ago,I was at Dollar Tree when I saw this book with a couple standing and surrounded by animals. The book,”Ask Bob”,was written by Peter Gethers. I bought it and last week I started reading it….and it was an amazing book. There was a lot of story in there on so many levels and I finished it in three settings and a lot of tears.
I got thinking that hey,maybe Peter is on Twitter,I wanted to say how much his books meant to us and even to this day,I still “Folds” when I’m talking about Scottish Folds. Do you know they are insanely popular in Japan? I mean,its like the cat in Japan is a Fold….check out YouTube to see what I mean.
So I checked on Twitter and nothing,so I decided to check Facebook. At first I was excited because there was a page for Peter but it looked like he hadn’t posted in a year.
I thought maybe he had left Facebook….I decided to gamble and send a message anyways. About an hour later Peter answered back…and I was able to share my story about how much his words and Norton had meant to us.  It was a surreal moment when Peter actually answered back.  A truly rare moment when you can actually thank someone for their gift and talent and they hear (or in this case,see it). So thank you Peter so much for sharing your words and your beloved Norton with us.  And thank you for taking the time to chat with me as well,it means a lot.

Peter has a new book out in which he is wrote about his mother,”My Mother’s Kitchen”.
As you can already guess,its on my “to read”list. And if you were curious like I was,Peter does indeed still have Folds as his editor,proofreader and personal assistant.

Thank you for reading and please drop a comment below,the cheetah and I enjoy reading them…..maybe even share a pet story of your own.

3 thoughts on “Scottish Folds

  1. Michael, thanks for sharing another personal journey you and Lori shared.
    I love reading books where cats are featured. I have seen the books you talked about. I will start looking for them.
    Right now I’m reading “The Cat Sitter’s Nine Lives “ by Blaise and John Clement, Authers of the Dixie Hemingway mysteries.
    Always enjoy your writing ✍️
    My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
    Take care , Cheryl

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