Have Cheetah,Will View #147 – “Beyond Repair” (2017)

It’s 1:16 pm

We got a tip that we needed to check out a new short film called “Beyond Repair” which was written and directed by a young woman named Robbie Barnes.
By now you already know the cheetah and I were all over the idea,so when Robbie sent the film,we were ready to go…..

A young woman is driving somewhere at night,she has gotten off work and looks to be heading home. She is pretty tired but also needs to use the bathroom. She pulls into a gas station and is observed going into the building by a man in a car.
Things go twisted in a really bad way once she is given directions to where the bathroom is by the somewhat quiet attendant….

There is a lot going on in this tightly directed 8 minute film. She establishes her story
very smoothly and despite such a short run time,”Beyond Repair” plays much bigger.
There are all sorts of signs that what you are watching isn’t always what you are actually seeing.
I really liked the casting of Kinsley Funari-Coleman as the young woman,Jorah. She looks like she could be anyone you know,just an average person living life. It makes her reaction to what is happening so much more real and packs a more emotional punch then if some had cast a typical Hollywood “starlet”. You can see yourself in her shoes and wonder how you would have played it differently.

The attendant,Ray,says a lot without saying a word,Jesse Dillion Sorrells does a great job as well…you are first creeped out by Ray but first impressions don’t always tell the story as we find out in the end.
Christopher Langer does a good job in filming,the muted colors at night make the night seem all that more menacing and foreboding and the score is effective as well.
“Beyond Repair” is a very good short film and Barnes as a director has a bright future.
The cheetah and I will watching for her next project!

We give “Beyond Repair” a thumbs/paw straight up.

You can follow Robbie Barnes by going to her page on Facebook.

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