Slam Words 2

It’s 11:15 am

I jumped into the Friday night poetry madness that is Slam Words.
You get a word or scene and create instant magic or in my case a few sparkles
There are a lot of really gifted poets out there,how they are able to come up with some of the wonderful words they do is quite amazing.
For some reason I could only come up with two on this go around. Instead of letting the words lay there alone,I asked my friend Kerri,who is a poet herself with a camera,if I could use a picture to add a bit more beauty (I hope) to these slam words.



Do I ever yearn to feel
the softness of another beating heart
to feel the heat of the skin
the gentleness of soft lips
the strength of a hand in mine
do you see me look at the pulse in your neck
and yearn



(photo courtesy of Kerri Appleton)


The smile is bright as the sun
caught in a eclipse
so much color and heat
trapped by the shadow
of cold and dark

One thought on “Slam Words 2

  1. Your poems were so good, my friend! I had a tough time with some of the prompts myself. One was posted two minutes into the next challenge. Glad we got to chat some as well.

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