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Have Cheetah,Will View #153 – “Hide Away” (2011)

It’s 4:03 pm

The snow is really coming down today,this may end up being the most snow I have personally seen since I moved to Michigan. It’s awfully nice to look at and even to stand out in it,it really is peaceful..
After Lori passed away in 2013,the silence of the house was overwhelming. This was when I started getting movies,not to watch but for white noise. I needed noise to help me deal with the complete emptiness that Derek Jeter and I were dealing with. When Lori’s cat Ginger passed away about a month before Lori did,Derek was left without his constant friend so I’m sure he was grieving as well.
I put on a lot of films in the two years before I actually started watching any of them and waaaaay before I started reviewing them as a way of having to write about. I decided to take a look at some of those films to see exactly what I missed.  “Hide Away” seems like the perfect way to start this off…..


The movie opens with a young man (Josh Lucas) buying a old beat up sailboat. He has a far away look in his eyes,he is buying a boat but there is no excitement about it. The buyer gives him the keys and reminds him that the sale is final,he is getting the boat “As Is”.

The young man stows his gear aboard and looks around,the sailboat is a complete mess and has so many issues the man doesn’t know where to start. There is water on the floor in the cabin,the engines don’t work,the plumbing is broken..
In a diner overlooking the harbor where a slew of boats are docked,3 old sailors and a pretty waitress look at the young mariner as he pokes his way around accessing the situation.

A couple of days later a fellow sailor (Jon Tenney) walks over and hands the young mariner a beer and comments how boats are chick magnets. He asks the young mariner if he is divorced and the young mariner says “No”. We see the wedding ring on his hand.
The other sailor says he is divorced and is seen enjoying the company of a young woman.
The young mariner starts cleaning and repairing his boat. It goes very slowly as he runs into many obstacles,the waitress (Ayelet Zurer) smiles to herself as she hears to engines try to start to no avail.

As the weather begins to change from summer to fall,the efforts from the young mariner begin to falter,his dreams are haunted and he is wracked by nightmares.
Soon he begins drinking and drinking a lot. He shops at a local store and starts talking to the cashier,Lauren. Every night he drinks and he gets sick after sitting shirtless while drunk. He walks in heavy snow back to the store,when he buys cough syrup along with alcohol,Lauren voices her concern and warns the young mariner about combing the two.
He pays her no heed and continues his self-destructive actions. This leads him into getting drunk and falling into the water where he nearly drowns before being saved by an old mariner (James Cromwell) who helps him get dry.

A well dressed male visitor has been trying to catch the young mariner but he keeps on avoiding him,either by hiding in the diner’s back room or on his boat.
Just when all hope is lost for the young mariner,two major events happen that could help him gain his footing back,it’s whether or not if that is what he wants is the question.
What could have pushed him so far that he is trying to punish himself for?
The fact that the young mariner isn’t the only one with secrets hidden away only adds to the mystery of “Hide Away”…….


So did the cheetah and I like this film…..hell yes we did,its a beautifully filmed story of a man who isn’t sure that he can be redeemed or does he even want to. Josh Lucas is one of the best actors working today and his tormented Young Mariner is a acting tour de force.
His pain radiates off the screen and you can’t help but feel completely for his character as he fights himself to not only stay alive but also allow himself time to recover his balance.

James Cromwell is a delight as the Old Mariner who has wisdom to share and his own secrets. He knows somewhat what the Young Mariner is battling and knows that he can only do so much,it’s up to the younger man to find his path.
Ayelet Zurer is The Waitress and she gives “Hide Away” its rich warmth. Her role in helping the Young Mariner’s struggle is the most surprising and very telling. Ayelet is a beautiful woman who is wise beyond her years.

Director Chris Eyre has directed “Hide Away” very uniquely,there isn’t a lot of dialogue and instead of seamless shots,he filmed “Hide Away”is self-enclosed clips. I have personally never seen a movie filmed like this. What makes it work is the fact there isn’t much dialogue,it allows the segments to flow freely. Eyre showed a lot of innovation for his choices in shooting “Hide Away”. But I have question….why hasn’t he gotten more chances to direct? He seems to have pigeon holed into directing Native American theme films. I think with “Hide Away” he clearly has shown he has the chops for bigger features.

“Hide Away” is rated PG-13 and has a run time of 88 minutes. Extras include interviews with cast and crew as well as a “Making Of” segment.

The cheetah and I gave “Hide Away” a big thumbs/paws up.

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