Have Cheetah,Will View #154 – “Red: Werewolf Hunter” (2010)

It’s 4:34 pm

It’s truly a winter wonderland outside. Yesterday we got 10 inches and it was supposed to taper off…except someone forgot to tell Mother Nature the news as it has been lightly snowing all day and we’re getting another 2-4 inches tomorrow as well…just crazy.

February is Women In Horror Month. This is we fanboys celebrate the contributions to the horror field,be a writer,playwright,film director,actress or maybe all of the above.
The cheetah and I thought we would chip in a review or two as we love the genre and respect the hard work that women artists contribute in order to scare us.
So the cheetah picked out “Red:Werewolf Hunter” a movie I picked up brand new from the local library. When I saw “brand new”,we’re talking factory sealed and a price tag of 16.99 from Walmart. I don’t know if we got lucky in finding this or that fanboy looked it and say “Oh hell no” and decided to donate it unopened. Well since it cost me only a dollar,what’s the worst that could happen? It’s not “Sharkenstein” bad,is it?

Virginia “Red” Sullivan (Felicia Day) is a federal agent for an unamed agency who is bring her work colleague Nathan home to meet the family,Nathan also happens to be Red’s fiance.
They pull up to a huge house out in the middle of nowhere and while Nathan jokes about marrying into money,Virginia deflates that notion by saying its been in her family for generations.  Virginia seems a little edgy as they pull up and when she introduces Nathan to her grandmother (Rosemary Dunsmore) and her younger Jake (David Reale).
Grandmother Sullivan pulls Virginia aside while Jake helps Nathan unload the truck while nothing “So you’re the guy banging my sister”. Not the warmest greeting you’ll ever see…

Inside the house,Virginia and her grandmother are debating whether to tell Nathan (Kavan Smith) about the “family business”…Jake and Nathan finish bringing their bags inside and then Nathan goes to make a phone call,the reception is terrible around the house.
As Nathan makes his call,he turns around to a older man bleeding profusely standing in front of him,the man falls clutching Nathan and keeps saying “Gabriel”. Nathan runs to get help but when Nathan and the Sullivan’s return,only ashes remain of the man.
Then the Virginia’s oldest brother Marcus (Greg Bryk) who happens to be a deputy sheriff,arrives and the family’s secret is exposed,they are werewolf hunters.

Nathan of course doesn’t believe it but as the family explains the history of the werewolves,he begins to understand but is still a little wary. The family is concerned because the old man,Xavier,was not only a werewolf but also a pack leader with whom the Sullivan’s had a truce with. With this new threat posed by a new leader Gabriel,it means the truce is over.

Nathan goes for walk to clear his head and he is attacked and bitten by Gabriel himself.
Gabriel has evolved,he can change from human to wolf at will and his bites are not visible thus hiding his victims from detection until its too late and they change on the first full moon.
The family goes out in search of Nathan and find him unmarked but knocked out.
Back at the house,Nathan begins to ask several questions about werewolves,especially the part about breaking the link before a victim goes full wolf.
Now aware of the broken truce the Sullivan’s go on the attack with Nathan joining in. They have many reasons for stopping Gabriel but Nathan,he has an extra desperate urgency because the next full moon is coming in three days……


So did we like “Red:Werewolf Hunter”? Actually we liked the story idea. Unfortunately the extremely low budget of this made for SyFy television film just ruins it. Instead of a big sweeping adventure like the “Underworld” films,we’re left with such a shoddily made movie with even lower then expected CGI effects that it overwhelms the game efforts form the cast.  They do the best they can with what they are given but it’s hopeless cause.
The story idea is a solid one but this script written by Brooks Durham has more plot holes then Sonny Corleone did after stopping by that tollbooth.


When you reduce a strong character actor like Stephen McHattie to uttering pure crap and he is reduced to chewing the grass,you need to start thinking of doing something else instead of screenwriting. McHattie loves doing genre films like this but I’m sure sure even he was reduced to shaking his head when watching the final film.

The rest of the cast,led by Day,are much better then the material as noted and they deserved a better movie to show off their acting chops.
Director Sheldon Wilson has done a lot of these SyFy films so it is a surprise to see him turn in such a subpar effort even for this kind of film. “Red” looks cheap,looks cheap and smells cheap. Wilson is no hack,he knows his way around a horror film which why I am disappointed here.
“Red:Werewolf Hunter” is made-for-TV film and I would rate this a “PG” and it has a run time of 86 minutes. There no extra features on this DVD.
So I gave this movie to the cheetah and it’s getting the  “Seattle Superstorm” treatment.

What was the last really bad stinker of a movie or TV show that you have watched? Drop us a comment below!  Share your pain with us!



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