Have Cheetah,Will View #155 – “Gary From Accounting” (2016)

It’s 9:45 am

The subject of addiction is a tough made even more by the opioid epidemic sweeping the country. After many years of raising awareness of drunk driving and watching the roads before safer,we now are seeing more and more cases of DUI accidents and arrests.
So making a dark comedy about a family intervention for a alcoholic is a risky one that could go wrong on many levels.  How does “Gary From Accounting” do in handling this sensitive subject?

So how did we like this short film? I actually thought it was handled tastefully with just the amount of dry humor. Of course when you have the stalwart  Timothy J. Cox as Gary,you know this slice of life written by Phoebe Torres and directed by Daniel Lofaso,is in good hands. Actually I thought the entire cast was pretty outstanding,Mark Grenier as Gary is pretty funny as the somewhat bewildered Gary who has stumbled into a family’s crisis. What is is telling is that Gary himself needs a intervention if the biggest thing in life is missing “Girls”!
At 5 minutes and 10 seconds,”Gary From Accounting” does a nice job at pacing,it tells it’s story without seeming rushed or skipped over. We enjoyed this one.

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