Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #1

I am going to re-blog this “Issue By Issue” series by The Tell Tale Mind. I loved both Marvel Two-In-One and Marvel Team-Up growing up and to read a fresh review on this classic series is a must!
I collected a lot of these issues and I will drop my thoughts on the issues I collected.
I’m hoping The Tell Tale Mind will be doing Marvel Team-Up and DC Comics’s The Brave and the Bold as well in the future! Please leave any comments on the original blog,as they are doing all the hard work while we get to sit back and enjoy!!

The Telltale Mind

Writer – Steve Gerber
Artist – Gil Kane
Inker – Joe Sinnott
Colours – George Roussos
Letters – Jean Izzo

Benjamin J. Grimm is a little more ornery than usual when this issue opens and as such, when he sees an article about the Man-Thing, he decides to head on down to meet the creature and ‘talk’ with him about the appropriation of his name. Written by Steve Gerber and drawn by Gil Kane, the first issue of Marvel Two-In-One features the Thing exactly as readers would have him, not to mention a monster, a villain and a lot of great action. The bad guy of the picture is the Molecule Man and not the original as he seemingly dies here, but his son who goes on to recreate the experiment which gave his father the ability to affect the molecules of the universe and set out on a revenge…

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