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It’s 9:26 am

Getting ready to head outside for another walk. Winter has not been kind to me weight wise so I am pretty happy to be able to get outside and walk again. The cheetah is pretty happy that the heat is off because that means his windows are now open as well…we sat together while he looked at birds and exchanged some words with a silly sparrow who came and sat on a branch by the window.
As I was getting dinner ready recently I took a look at the doors on my fridge. Fridge1

While at first there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot going on but in truth,the small magnets on the doors tell a lot of stories.
The calendar was a Christmas present to me this year from our friend Cheryl. It’s a nod to the Hello Kitty calendars that were always the first Christmas present I bought Lori every year. Of course if you take a good look at the two kittens,you’ll note that they are orange and white,the same colors as Paladin.
Right above the calendar is a old newspaper clip of a cartoon that was sent to Lori and I a very long time ago from one of her cousins,it has aged and yellowed but it still has remained on the door in pretty good shape.
It is held in place by a gift package magnet that Lori received at one time. There used to be 2 others but they were lost during 2013 but I managed not to lose this one.
Above that is a big magnet of Yankee Stadium that my brother Phillip sent me when he went to New York last year. He got to tour the stadium and sent that to me as a gift as we both are die hard Yankees fans. My love and respect for my brother knows no bounds and he is an amazing man. He calls me 2-3 a week to make sure I’m still rolling along.
To the left is another cat magnet with a soft message…
The left side of the door consists of three Hello Kitty magnets, Cattitude and a small magnet that says “This house is ruled by a cat”. I gave those all to Lori during our time together.
The John Lennon magnet was from our trip to Cleveland and the Music Hall of Fame that we visited. Lori was a huge Beatles and Aerosmith fan and we often listed to their music on our vacations.
To the left of Lennon is a panda bear magnet that we got when we went to the Washington D.C Zoo. I was so proud of Lori as she actually went into the reptile section for about five minutes,she was scared of snakes. We both left together because after you seen one cobra close up,you have seen them all…
Above that is a Oregon magnet that I got from my lovely friend Cezanne for Christmas in 2016. Right after this picture was taken,I got a Florida magnet from Cheryl and Jerry who were lucky to have survived their vacation!! The magnet on the far left is also from Cheryl who also happens to teach piano.
That magnet is holding up a little card from Lori to me….what is actually amazing is the fact that the cat on the card could be Paladin’s brother. I kid you not,he has the same markings including a striped tail and that he is a domestic cat while Paladin of course is a cheetah.
I was moved to tears when I looked inside of of the card and read Lori’s note. It had been a very long time since I had looked inside….it was then I decided that I would write a personal blog and share my magnets with you all.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog,it’s nice to be able to have something a little more personal to share then the latest film that we have watched.

Shout Outs (It has been a while!!!)

Wendy Shepherd – Happy Birthday!
Stephen Clark – Thank you for 40 years of outstanding journalism,always a class act!
Romey – Thanks again for your kindness and generous spirit
Cheryl and Jerry – Glad you both are home safe and somewhat sound!
Radha – One day,one heartbeat at a time….
Black Canary – For your friendship and fun spirit
Lon – Still blown away from your gift,worked my way through of the stash so far!
Cezanne and Theresa – My favorite criminal duo! (what????)
Bobby and Byron- Sharknado 6……now can you fix the SyFy Channel?
Jay – For your continued support!! I still want to do a blog exchange!
Sarah-Louise – Should I write a blog stating the reasons why spa day needs to be monthly?
Dan (Reject Filmz) – Hang tough brother!!



7 thoughts on “Magnets

  1. We are still here writing away.
    I never unfriend anyone with cause and while I can’t recall the single moment,it did happen and I had to walk away. You know how that goes yourself. Life is too fragile to be caught up with negative energy and emotions. I hope you are well and Katie is doing well.


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