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Have Cheetah,Will View #162 – Our Favorite YouTube Channels #3

It’s 11:13 pm
cold and snowing

I decided to share a few more of the cheetah and my favorite YouTube Channels. I haven’t done one of these in a while and with my brain being a little blocked,this should help keep you entertained while introducing you to some pretty cool YouTubers.


  1. Vet Ranch
    YouTube Channel is here

Those of you who are in my Group on Facebook know how much I love Vet Ranch. Led by Dr. Matt,Dr. Kerri and Dr. Dave with some back-up by Dr. Lee (Matt’s dad),Vet Ranch showcases dramatic emergency rescue care for critically hurt and/or abused animals.
We meet the animal at it’s worst point and then follow it’s treatment and aftercare all the way to the animal either finding a forever home or ready to be fostered.
The extent of the skills of the doctors is showcased in great surgery footage. Many of the bills for these cases are paid for by viewers as these animal often don’t have owners of their own. Vet Ranch is based in Texas and I promise,you’ll be subscribing after watching a few of these cases.


2.  Inside My Indie Life
YouTube Channel is here

Jessica Cameron is a actress/screenwriter/director who,along with her best friend Heather,are carving a career in Hollywood. It’s not a easy life as the actor’s life is filled with auditions,reading scripts and as a indie actress,doing small indie films.
Jessica allows us to see both the super fun side of going to different events and film screenings. There are make-up tips,products reviews and just general chit-chat.
Jessica and Heather also do the very fun “Scream Queens Stream” on YouTube as well.
It was through Jessica that I was to land my interview with “Killer Puppet” director Lisa Ovies.  One of the newest and coolest things Jessica has started is her late night chats in which she talks to anyone who drops by.  She is often joined by her cranky dog,Solomon.


3. Epic LLOYD
YouTube Channel is here

Millions of YouTube viewers know about the mighty “Epic Rap Battles of History” of which Lloyd and his partner in rap,Nice Peter,have both historical and fictional characters in hard hitting raps. While I enjoy them,I am more prone to digging Epic Lloyd’s own solo stuff a lot more.
On his own channel he has several different sections like “Epic Studios” where he plays a guy who inherits a struggling recording studio and “Dis Raps For Hire” where real life kids write to Lloyd about bullies in their lives and he crushes the bully in a rap.
It’s singing that catches my ear the most,his two singles “Pop Over the Falls” and poetic justice cut “Mad Trucker” show a real sense of where Lloyd’s real talent lies,the man can write a song!


How about you? Got any channels that are worth checking out? Well drop them in the comments below so the cheetah and I check them out. And if Epic and Nice Peter read this,the cheetah and I challenge to a ERB of History throw down!
Thanks for taking the time to read us and also for leaving a comment!!

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