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Have Cheetah,Will View #164 – “Check Please!” (2017)

It’s 11:45 pm

Got this shot note from director Chad Meisenheimer asking the cheetah and I to take a peek at a short four minute film he did last year.  Four minutes is pretty short but after watching this one… was worth it because it’s pretty damn funny.


Ever had a blind date that went a little too far and the next morning you are having regrets? For Adam (Shane Ryan) and Steve (Meisenheimer) the next morning brings those regrets to the forefront over a cup of coffee. Because while on the surface the date went very well but men are having buyer’s regret and they need to talk about it.
I don’t know why but watching Steve sort of gave me a glimpse of what every closeted Republican gay man must have to endure.

I both both Chad and Shane were pretty damn amusing in their roles as Adam and Steve.
It might give one pause before accepting that next Tindr date,no matter the gender or sex.
“Check Please!” is rated “R” for strong language.  It runs for 4 minutes and we gave it a thumb/paw straight up.

You can contact director/writer/podcaster  Chad Meisenheimer on Twitter @ChadMeise


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