Have Cheetah,Will View #166 – “Love Finds You In Sugarcreek” (2014)

It’s 11:25 pm

It was our intention to bring you a different review tonight but after we watched this neat little made for TV film,we thought we would push back our scheduled review one day. Sometimes that just happens when one reviews with a cheetah….

Joe Matthews (Tom Everett Scott) and his five year old son Bobby are driving through Ohio. They really have no idea where they are going but only that Joe wants to keep going.
When Bobby,who has a nasty cough,starts coughing,Joe pulls into a mom and pop store to get some medicine for Bobby,in his concern for his son,he leaves his wallet and some thug instantly takes it. Thus when Joe’s truck breaks down outside the Amish town of Sugarcreek,Ohio,he finds help from an Amish farmer who helps Joe by sending him a mechanic. The repairs will cost 400.00 and that is when Joe finds out his wallet is gone.
He explains this to the mechanic and also asks for a cheap motel,because there is a huge festival in Sugarcreek that week,all lodging has been taken.

Joe and Bobby head for a open air camp ground two miles away when the same kind Amish farmer directs them to Sugar Haus Inn,an old place that is run by three elderly Amish women led by Bertha Troyler (Kelly McGillis). The three ladies are in turn watched over by Rachel Troyler (Sarah Lancaster) who happens to be a police officer for Sugarcreek and their niece.

When Rachel hears about about Joe staying at the inn,she races out there. Not only does she not trust any strangers around her aunts,she is confused as to way they allowed to stay as they had agreed to shut the inn down. But Bertha explains as long as one person needs them…..and Joe will not be freeloading,he will earn his keep by helping making several overdue repairs.

Rachel’s suspicion of Joe rises when he dodges several questions and with no I.D.,can hold her off until his truck is fixed. Rachel spends the night and overhears Joe on his cell saying “they have no evidence against me and they never will”. With that,Rachel is more determined to find out the truth.
But as she digs deeper,she also finds her heart softening for Joe and Joe begins to develop feelings her Rachel …the truth comes out that Joe is a famous baseball player whose estranged wife was murdered 5 months ago. While Joe has a rock solid alibi,not everyone believe he is as innocent as it seems.
Rachel and Joe are working together on two fronts,to solve the wife’s death and to save their brand new relationship. It won’t be easy but then again,nothing worth fighting for is……


When I picked this title up at Family Video,it was as a blind buy. I first thought it was either a Hallmark Channel film or a made for Canadian TV film. It turns out I was wrong on both,the Seventh-Day Adventists were behind “Sugarcreek”. It’s not the first time that we have have found a church behind a making of a film that wasn’t designed to be a faith based film. The Mormon Church has produced several “Saints and Sinners” World War 2 action adventure films that are pretty good.
“Sugarcreeek” was an original move made for the UP Channel before being released for the home market by Mission Pictures International,which has a excellent record for releasing great films like “The Mighty Macs” and one of my favorite films in my collection,”Seven Days In Utopia”.

As noted,”Sugarcreek”,directed by Terry Cunningham,has a strong cast in Sarah Lancaster who starred in “Chuck” as well Kelly McGillis who is no stranger to movies set in the Amish community as she starred in the classic film “Witness” back in 1985.
Add in a solid performance by Tom Everett Scott and “Sugarcreek” hits all the typical romantic-mystery buttons. What makes “Sugarcreek” stand out is the villain because you expect to find a baddie of this caliber on a “Jesse Stone” movie far more then a gentle drama like this and it adds some fresh air to the film.
The location shooting in Ohio was a wise choice as Sugarcreek,Ohio is in beautiful country and adds a sense of realism to the story.
This is the perfect “tomato soup day” type of entertainment. You sit back,relax,unwind and enjoy yourself and escape life for 91 minutes.

“Sugarcreek” has a little 8 minute feature on the making of the film.

The cheetah and I both give “Sugarcreek” a thumbs/paw up.

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