Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #3

In the third issue of Marvel Two-In-One,The Thing teams with with Daredevil,The Man Without Fear. Of course adding the Black Widow and Reed Richards into the mix is never a bad idea…
After the first two issues where as Ben has teamed up with two equally strong heroes,we see The Thing matched up with the street hero Daredevil. Heroes and villains are classified in comics based on their power sets and where most of their action takes place.
Daredevil mostly fights street level crime at this point in his career,squaring off against the Mob,the Syndicate or the Kingpin.
You rarely saw him even consider matching up with many of the super-powered variety at the same level Ben and the Fantastic Four did. So it’s refreshing change to see a pairing like this in order to save the day!
Another great review by the minds of the Tell Tale Mind.

The Telltale Mind

Writer – Steve Gerber
Artist – Sal Buscema
Inker – Joe Sinnott
Colours – Petra Goldberg
Letters – Dave Hunt

Continuing from the previous issues is the mystery of Wundarr, the extremely powerful young man that essentially grew up in a bubble and discovered a strange world around him when set free. At the moment, The Thing who is aided and abetted by Mister Fantastic, is trying to figure out why Wundarr is the way he is and if there is anyone who can get to the bottom of it, it is Reed Richards. After an accident, Daredevil enters the picture for a little chat and is soon off chasing down leads so as to stop the Black Spectre organization. Eventually, as was bound to happen, Daredevil and the Thing team up to take them on, discovering there hideout in a giant mechanical blimp-like rocket. It is there that Daredevil…

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