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I Sing – The Paladins “Keep Lovin’ Me Baby” (Live)

It’s 6:02 pm

One of the very best bands and personal favorites of mine are The Paladins,a roots Americana trio hailing from San Diego,Calif. I have seen The Paladins play between 10-15 times but never had the honor of booking them.
The band,led by guitarist and vocalist Dave Gonzalez and maybe the best stand-up bass player of his generation,Thomas Yearsley,have been playing since 1980. They took a hiatus when Thomas was critically injured in a accident in 2005 but have been playing again since 2014.  The song I included is one of their many hits and always gets the crowds going. One thing I always noticed about watching The Paladins,it always seems a lot more musicians always showed up then with most bands. Watching Dave and Thomas seeamlessly play so smoothly is always a real treat and just like fine whiskey,they just get better with age.

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