Paladin : Cheetah Police Officer

It’s 3:57 pm

Looking outside at a cold rain falling outside while The Beat Farmers are playing on my Spotify. The cheetah is resting after a hard day of mountain lion hunting in our old town of Northville. Now I know what you are saying…..”MOUNTAIN LION HUNTING”?


A few years ago on Animal Planet they had a show called “Must Love Cats” where the host traveled around the country meeting several unique cats and sharing their stories.
It was a fun show and Lori and I used to watch it when it came on Saturday nights.
At this time,I had established a friendship with the wonderful Amy Lange,a Emmy-award winning journalist who works at Fox 2 Detroit. We would talk cats quite a bit as she had a beautiful cat named Maize and I had Derek Jeter.

On one of the shows,they highlighted a news station down in Little Rock,Arkansas who had a very popular news personality. This was Joey the Garden Cat,a stray who adopted the station. He had the complete run of the station and often would visit during live broadcasts. The viewers loved Joey and ratings in the morning rose sharply in hopes that Joey would make a visit,the crew never coaxed or put Joey on the set,he came as he went.
Amy’s station had a morning show called “The Nine” was a fluffy hour of light chat,weather and sometimes cooking segments or live bands. Like I said,nice and fluffy.
I sent Amy the Joey segment and suggested that Fox 2 get their own station kitty,we had a lot of laughs with that,I even suggested trading another (slightly) annoying personality and a future draft pick down to the station in Little Rock for Joey.
Then life took a dark turn and soon talk about station cats became talks about chemotherapy and radiation. Light moments soon became a thing of the past.
By the time 2013 ended,Joey was forgotten,Mazie and Derek Jeter had both passed away as well.  As a small gesture towards those days,I still send Amy a lot of cat related stuff and every day has become “Caturday”.
Then I read that Joey himself had contracted cancer in 2014 and while he had survived his first bout,he too,passed away from it late in the year.
The idea of a cat mascot in the most unlikely places has always struck me as rather cool. And by unlikely I don’t mean rescue places or vet office’s….I mean like at hospitals,churches or a bookstore.

It was at a bookstore in San Jose,that I first met my first mascot,a blue Russian cat named Ernie…I have written about Ernie,I’ll have to repost that here sometime. He was an most amazing cat.
A few weeks ago while on Twitter,I saw something that caught my eye. Yet another friend and journalist who as at it happens, used to work at the same station as Amy does,had retweeted a post from the Troy Police Department,the officers there were publicly lobbying for a cat as a mascot.

Troy is about 45-50 miles from where I live,Lori and I used to drive through by it on the way to a huge outlet mall called Great Lakes Crossing. We used to see concerts at Pine Knob and we would drive through Troy.
Troy also has the swankiest mall in the whole of SE Michigan called The Somerset Collection which draws folks from all over including Canada. We rarely went there ourselves but the mall is beautiful and well patrolled by the Troy Police Dept.
I thought it was quite charming as the person who does social media for TPD was really working hard at getting a kitty. The tweets are so much fun and there is a real passion at getting a police cat.

Because they were having trouble landing a kitty,Paladin offered his services,he had disclose that he was a cheetah and if that wasn’t a problem,he would be happy and honored to be considered a honorary cheetah police officer. He sent in his pictures and noted that cheetahs can outrun all crooks in a footrace and in some cases even car chases.

We even recommended the place where I first found the cheetah,Huron Valley Animal Shelter in Dixboro. While we doubt there would be any cheetahs,we can can say with certainty that there would be plenty of cat cadets ready the Troy Police Acatemy. We don’t know if they have an official kitty as of yet but they do have a human training officer and despite the rumor mill,the officer is not Pete Malloy.

So while the first class is undergoing training the cheetah and I got a report that a mountain lion was spotted in Northville this week. Lori and I lived in Northville for many years and I know the territory pretty well. We received a secret coded message to keep a eye out for said mountain lion. Despite the nasty weather we went out and hunted. We didn’t spot the cougar but we think its more that the cougar spotted Paladin and decided to bail out.
We’ll be posting any new updates if we have any action on the mountain lion patrol.

Paladin and I had a lot of fun writing this entry and we thank Troy Police Dept for allowing us to have some fun with their kitty hunt. Maybe more departments so take a page from these guys and get a couple of cats to help lower their stress levels.

How do you think Paladin will do as a cheetah police officer? Drop us comment below.

You can follow the TPD on twitter by clicking here.

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