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Have Cheetah,Will View #174 – “Cargo” (2013)

It’s 8:28 pm

A few days ago on Twitter a thread was started where as we were asked what horror short film did we liked best. We were to name a film then tag 2-5 people to have them name their film and so forth.  The cheetah and I hyped up “To Be Alone” with Timothy J. Fox as our selection. We have actually reviewed quite a few horror shorts but “To Be Alone” is just amazing.
One benefit from this thread was the chance to see what film makers and reviewers were very impressed with and this includes the cheetah and myself,we’re always on the bounce looking for new films. So through this thread,we came across “Cargo”,a short film from Australia.
At first I was a little leery because the setting is a zombie filled world and you know just I feel about that overworked genre. But “Cargo” is only 7 minutes long and it was recommended so…..the cheetah and I took a peek.

“Cargo”,while set in a horrific setting isn’t a horror film at all,it’s a about the love a father has for his daughter. Despite knowing he has such little time left,how he plans to save his little girl from himself is genius and desperate because he doesn’t know if it will be enough.
Despite being a mere 7 minutes,co-directers Yolanda Ramke and Ben Howling working of Ramke’s story do a great job of making “Cargo” seem much longer. The dying father’s urge to leave his daughter in a safe place is written on his face,even as he undergoes the change. Andy Rodoreda does a excellent job at showing his shock at what has


happened,then dread knowing that he is going to turn and the urgency at which to give his daughter at least a chance….
The make-up by Claudia Magro and Zeb Tilden is as pro as you would see on any episode of “The Walking Dead” or major studio horror film,just enough without distracting from the story Ramke is telling.
An extra bonus is the fact this video is part of a big short film festival and the cheetah and I will be able to explore and share some more gems like “Cargo”.


We gave “Cargo” a huge thumbs/paws straight up.  Great stuff here!!!


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