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Have Cheetah,Will View #176 – “Every Day” (2010)

It’s 10:07 am

After going back into the past watches for our latest review,we are back into watching from our “To be viewed” stash.
I found “Every Day” at where else,our local Family Video. We’re still waiting for the huge re-construction at our favorite store that is going to reduce its square footage in half. I keep telling myself about the pros have having a smaller store,the turnover rate of newer films will be much faster and for so much cheaper then box stores and even Amazon.
But the Cons will mean I won’t be able to find gems like “Every Day” on the shelves nearly as much. And that is a real shame for as much as I like going back and reviewing older movies,I am always amazed at how many films like “Every Day”have never seen the light of day.
This pick-up was a no brainer for me,the cast is amazing. If only all my blind buys were always so good….

“Every Day” is based on the life of writer/director Richard Levine who is a screenwriter in Hollywood. For this film,the film makers decided to switch the setting of the film from Los Angeles to New York.
The film is centered on Ned (Liev Schreiber), a writer on a huge network TV show. He doesn’t really like the show as the guy who is the show runner Garrett, (Eddie Izzard) comes across as crass and crude and is always on his writers for “shock me” moments and this includes anything sexually weird. Ned’s writing is good but doesn’t have the “zing” factor and Garrett is pushing Ned to do better.

Meanwhile Ned’s wife Jeannie (Helen Hunt) has her own problems,she is moving her sick and cranky dad Ernie (Brian Dennehy) from Michigan to New York and he isn’t making the transition very easy. Toss in the fact that their relationship has really never been that strong to start with only adds to the stress.
Ned and Jeannie have two sons,15 year old Jonah (Ezra Miller) who has just come out as gay and little brother Ethan (Skyler Fortgang) a 10 year old who is a sensitive artist and is scared of the dark.

While Ned is having a hard time accepting Jonah’s sexuality,Jeannie has embraced it openly and that adds some tension to the family. Ned is a wary and overprotective of Jonah and doesn’t want him to flaunt his new feelings as he is concerned he’ll be hurt or taken advantage of by older men.
Ernie is extremely gruff and outspoken,he is openly hostile to Jeannie and states that he didn’t want to move in with her. The two fight and that affects Ned and Jeannie’s relationship in the fact Jeannie isn’t in the mood for intimacy and she feels she is doing most of the work.

Garrett is starting to put the screws to Ned at work in regards to his script and tells Ned to work with Robin (Carla Gugino). But Ned isn’t ready for Robin’s free spirit lifestyle which includes smoking a few joints,enjoying a swim with Ned wearing her ex-boyfriend’s swim trunks and finding out she likes to have sex in public places.
While Ned is tempted by Robin,he manages to escape her apartment unscathed but Jeannie smells the booze on his breath and comments on it.

Meanwhile Jonah’s prom is here and when Ned sees his outfit,he blows a gasket saying he doesn’t want Jonah looking like a hustler and making him change. He tells Jonah he’ll pick him up at 11:30 pm. Jonah is going with two female classmates so Ned feels somewhat comfortable….until he picks up Jonah who has met a older teen boy and has lost track of time. Ned is upset that he has to go in to get Jonah at midnight. The two are edgy with each other on the ride home.

The next day Ethan is practicing his violin when Ernie comments that he playing it wrong and offers a little advice,we find out that Ernie was a musician in his younger days and only wants to help. But Ethan isn’t quite ready for any feedback and stops playing which leads to another tussle with Jeannie. She tells Ned she can’t handle it anymore and makes plans to have Ernie moved to a assisted living place.
Ned receives some good news from Garrett on his script and wants him to continue to work with Robin,Ned isn’t so happy about that because he almost went too far with Robin the last time worked.

On one perfect night,the poo hits the fan…..,Ned indeed goes too far with Robin with some unexpected results,Ernie is left at home alone and finds the gin and Jeannie is at Ethan’s play at school wondering where the blazes Ned is at……
Can this family recover what made them a loving family in the first place or is it too late? With so many unhappy people under one roof,will every day become so bad that won’t survive? There are a lot of tough answers that need to be found…..and quickly.

Whew,films like “Every Day” are so tough to review because they often involve real life problems and those are often the hardest ones to write about.
So did we like “Every Day” and the answer is yes,this was a beautifully written and directed film. The fact Levine knows the material so well works strongly in his favor,he is comfortable directing his own words and life.  The story feels very organic and while there many be some added dramatic elements like having an affair with a co-worker,it comes across like a biography and that works in its favor. All the characters are fleshed out pretty well for a 90 minute movie.
The real heart of “Every Day” is the all-star cast that this indie film was able to attract.
Liev Schreiber who always seems to be in rough and tumble projects is very heartfelt here as Ned,a flawed man with strengths and weaknesses. His marriage is 19 years old and he feels like his life has lost passion. The fact that a sexy co-worker finds him attractive appeals to his ego and despite knowing the danger only adds to the excitement.
His Ned is smart enough but a little too late,to find out the grass isn’t always greener over the hill.  Seeing Schreiber play such a quiet role and in such a emotional way didn’t surprise me,what does is the fact he doesn’t get to do roles like this more often.
I was so happy to see Brian Dennehy’s name here and that is actually what led me to buy “Every Day” as Brian is our version of Michael Ironside,he can play any role at anytime. He is such a great actor and always lights up the screen in any TV/film he is in.
His Ernie has made mistakes and while he tries to mend fences,he just doesn’t quite know how or what to say and this leads to his outbursts,he isn’t angry or bitter as much as he is frustrated with himself and his life.
Ezra Miller was only 16 when he played Jonah and he showed even then that he had a bright future. His portrayal of Jonah also rang true,while he says he is gay,he still doesn’t know what it means. While he resents his dad for not acknowledging his lifestyle,he comes to learn that maybe his dad is a lot wiser then he gives him credit for. When Ned encourages him that he’ll find the right guy,the smile on Jonah’s face speaks volumes.
The rest of the cast is also stellar and Izzard is a standout as Garrett once again showing that comedians make for great dramatic actors.

“Every Day” is rated “R” and has a run time of 90 minutes. Special features include a “Making Of…..”

The cheetah and I gave “Every Day” two thumbs/4 paws straight up.

What is your favorite Liev Schreiber/Brian Dennehy role that you have seen them in?
Comment below as we want to hear from you!!


3 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #176 – “Every Day” (2010)

    • What was really sad was hearing him being interviewed in the special features and he speaks how much his relationship means to him as he was with Naomi Watts for 10 years and they split up about 5 months ago. Sort of haunting to watch that interview now.


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