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I Sing – Half Moon Run “Suzanne”(Live)

It’s 11:25 pm

In another life,I used to live in Ontario,Calif.  There used to be a show called “Big Blue Marble” aimed for the teen crowd of which I was part of then. At the end of the show,they showed we could write in for a pen-pal.
I did so and ended up writing to a young lady named Laura. She was incredibly smart and talented. She used to record tapes of her singing various songs plus a couple of originals. It was through Laura that I first learned of Leonard Cohen because she covered “Suzanne” and it was magical. I always felt like Cohen’s songs while brilliant are always better when sung by someone else because I don’t like his voice at all…..
I was surfing YouTube when I saw this video of a fine Canadian band called Half Moon Run covering “Suzanne”. Half Moon Run has been active for over 8 years making music and in yet another life,would be a band I would be coaxing Jimmy and Jacek to let me book at the Agenda….


You can find out more about the by visiting their website Half Moon Run.


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