I Sing – Epic LLOYD “Mad Trucker”

It’s 12:34 pm

A little while back I posted a review of some of the favorite YouTube Channels that the cheetah and I follow. One of the channels featured was Epic LLOYD,one half of famed “Epic Rap Battles of History” fame.  While the ERB of History has made Epic into a well known name,in his heart,Lloyd is a rock musician just busting to cut lose.
After listening to Epic’s two different rap series,I always wondered if the man could actually sing and then he answered that question when he dropped a song called “Pop Over the Falls” a true story about his dad saving his little brother after a fall into a river.
I wrote about that single on my old blog and I’m also adding that song here as well.



The song “Mad Trucker” is the song I decided to talk about today,it’s a throwback to the 1970s style of actually telling a story within the framework of the song. Country music legends used to be able to do it before Nashville was taken over by pop music writers and radio stations demanding shorter singles,they didn’t want anymore 7-8 minute long “stories”,they wanted pop songs with a country twang that always include “world and girl”.
So while hearing “Mad Trucker” brings those old days back,the story itself is a straight up horror story from today’s world – crime,violence,grief and finally justice. It’s a straight up rock song but I daresay no commercial rock station will have the nerve to play this and that is a real shame.

The video itself is a piece of art,Epic worked with an artist named Hou Chung who drew dozens of pieces to help Epic tell a story he says heard while working at a bar in Arizona.  You can read that story when you click on the video.
This song isn’t a easy one to hear but I think Epic sings it extremely well and his tightly coiled vocals give a real sense of that trucker was going through and continued to go through until he got his peace.  This is a great stuff…..





And here is “Pop Over The Falls”



You can discover more about Epic by visiting his website.





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