Have Cheetah,Will View #183 – “Three Orlando Nightspots” – Patrick Scott Barnes

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I haven’t done a book review in forever here,I had thought about doing them along with music reviews but I decided to focus on just films so I wouldn’t burn myself out.  But when my fellow writer/poet friend Patrick Scott Barnes dropped his third published book of poetry,I knew I was going to have to review it if I had a chance.
Now I knew Stone had self-published his book out of his own pocket and I suspected he had no small press copies,my blog is growing but my footprint is microscopic in terms of doing poetry reviews.
So when Stone contacted me and said he was sending me a copy,I was really touched and when I got it,I was really blown away.
“Three Orlando Nightspots” is a combination of poetry and photo essay of Stone’s former job of shooting the activity at the three clubs who used his services.
While the book is slim at 48 pages,the poetry within is a look at a man who confronting several things seemingly at once and how he strives to cope.
One thing I have always respected Patrick is his pure honesty…his poetry and spoken word pieces are raw,rugged,sublime and above all else,they are HONEST.
In “Double Whammy” he writes about how losing his mother and then Prince (whom his mother introduced Stone to musically) has left him on his heels :

“Another tragic thing happened.
Favorite musician rode his Little Red Corvette up to Purple Heaven
Talking about Prince
Doves cried the day he died…..including me
My mom was the first introducing the household to Prince’s music.

“Both my mom and favorite musician died the year.
Ain’t that some shit?
A double whammy.”

There is words are about a love that is haunting,a take of facing one’s own mortality and deciding whether to move forward or not. All brilliant,all raw and honest. Best of all is that book ends on a hopeful note…..
As for the pictures,they are pretty fun as well and took me back into another life.
To some they may seem excessive but trust me,all you are seeing is a man doing a job he was paid to do,nothing more.

I gave “Three Orlando Nightspots” a huge thumbs up….and am grateful to get a chance to share Patrick’s work with you all.

You can contact Patrick through his website at www.PatrickScottBarnes.com

If you’re a poet or spoken word performer and you would like us to take a peek at your work…you can find us by clicking here.

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