A Memory

It’s 5:16 pm

My first winter in Michigan in 1999,Lori was living in Livonia in a small but cozy little apartment she rented out from Carolyn and Louie Caves. Louie and Carolyn lived in a bigger home about 100-150 yards away. They loved Lori like a daughter and she used to sit and have coffee with them quite a bit before I moved in.
While I got a little bit of a chilly greeting from Carolyn,Louie and I got along instantly and we would stand in the yard between the two houses and chat. Behind the property stood a huge clearing that led into some woods and those led to a creek.
But that first winter was pretty magical. When the first snowfall happened,it was old hat to Lori and the Caves but it was new to me….no,not the snow itself,I had seen snow on Mt. Baldy in Southern California and walked through deep snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains where our grandparents lived at but I had never seen it actually snowing.
The first snow started falling in the early afternoon and I remember coming home right as it started,Lori got home from her job about an hour later.
Both OSK and Geri were both in the house as night fell as we had dinner and then watched some TV and chatted. Darkness fell as did the snow and while Lori fixed us tea,I kept looking outside at the snow and it was falling at a good clip.
An hour later,Lori suggested we take a walk and we dressed warmly and went outside.
About 4-5 inches of snow had fallen and still it fell. We took each other’s hands and walked down the driveway and onto our street. What I remember now is what I remember then….silence except for sound of falling snow. I can see both of our breath’s as we walked down the street,walked across the Greek Orthodox church’s parking lot and then back home. As the lights were on in the house,OSK was looking at us as we approached the door,he was meowing and his tail was straight up….we kissed in the falling snow and I suggested we make snow angels….which we did,our antics brought Carolyn out who watched us and started laughing as well.
We both stood up and brushed off the snow,said good-night to Carolyn and went inside to finish our tea and go to bed…….

2 thoughts on “A Memory

  1. Thanks for sharing a beautiful memory. That had to have been a
    Magical night. I love walking in the evenings when it’s snowing.
    Snow Angels are fun.

    Liked by 1 person

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