Have Cheetah,Will View #184 – “Static Shock” Season Two (2001)

It’s 10:07 am

A lot of has happened since the cheetah and I first reviewed the  “Static Shock” first season DVD release. Like watching a ton of other animation and superhero films and TV shows.

But now that our deep cover informant,at great risk to himself,has smuggled the cheetah and I a copy of the Warner Brother Archive release of the second season of Static Shock…let’s get it on!!!

When we last left Virgil Hawkins aka Static Shock,he had slowly gotten the hang of his electrical powers that he developed after being caught in the middle of a mysterious gas cloud,the same gas that affected Virgil also affected several other teenagers and they aren’t their powers for good either.
Thus Virgil at only 15 years old is Dakota’s main superhero and aided by his best friend Richie Foley is doing his best to keep the peace in Dakota.

The second season of Static Shock finds Virgil feeling a lot more confident in himself as a hero…but in the second season openers,that confidence is put to the test in “The Big Leagues”. Up until now,Virgil has handled pretty much everything that has come his way but when Gotham City’s biggest supervillain,The Joker,lands in Dakota,Virgil finds himself dealing with his first truly dangerous threat and when “Uncle J” teams up with Static’s rogue gallery,things look a little bleak.

But the Joker also knows that where ever he goes,Batman and Robin will be right behind…..this leads to a real fun team-up between the Dynamic Duo and Static. After a slow start,Static end up impressing Batman with his skills and toughness as well as a sense of humor.  “The Big Leagues” kicks off a great second season of what could be DC’s most socially important superhero show. While there is fun and plenty of action,what made Static Shock such a great show was the messages woven into several episodes.

Season two addressed many issues including the plight of the homeless (“Frozen Out”),
Virgil’s dad dating for the first time since the death of Virgil’s mother and how it affects the Hawkins family (Pop’s Girlfriend) and a topic that sadly is even worse today then when it aired and that is gun violence in school (“Jimmy”).

Redemption is also a topic covered…in the first season Static was at odds with Adam Evans aka Rubberband Man and the two tussled until Adam began to see the light.
In season two,Rubberband Man,out of jail,has turned over a new leaf and becomes a hero in his own right,even if that means squaring off with his own brother Ebon,the leader of the Metabreed which are Static’s biggest enemies. But the show just didn’t flip a switch and make everything peachy,redeeming oneself includes regaining the trust of the people around you and that is covered in a couple of stories.
Static and Adam aren’t always on the same page as well and that adds some light comedy moments that provides some laughs.

There are some comic episodes as well…. in “Static Shaq”Shaq comes to town on a PR tour,it turns out that Robert Hawkins and Shaq are old college friends. But trying to get private time to play of hoops or a hot new video game proves to be much harder then it looks….with Shaq’s overzealous PR person and the Metabreed trying to find out Static’s secret identity,poor Virgil and Richie are on their toes all episode.

As with all Andrea Romano voice casts,Static Shock’s group of voice actors is excellent with Mark Hamill voicing the Joker and Kevin Conroy as Batman in “The Big Leagues”.
Phil LaMarr returns as Static as does Jason Marsden as Richie. Notable guest stars include Shaq and AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys voicing themselves. Coolio and Tone Loc also lend their voices as villains which is a nice touch. Patton Oswalt and Michael Rosenbaum return as Specs and Trapper,two of Static’s truly most dangerous opponents.
All in all,this is a great second season and beginning with the third season many changes will change the direction this fine series heads to.


Static Shock can be purchased through the Warner Brothers Archive website.
Season includes all 13 episodes but has no extra features.

The cheetah and I gave “Static Shock” two big thumbs/4 paws straight up.
What is your favorite animated superhero show? Drop a comment below and share!

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