Have Cheetah,Will View #194 – “Partitioned Heart” (2017)

It’s 7:58 pm

So I here am mindlessly surfing when I get a message from our friend and many times reviewed actor,Timothy J. Cox. He has sent us a new short film and the cheetah and I are always (well,almost) completely entertained by whatever Timothy sends us.
But to our surprise,Tim is acting as a public relations man for this film,he isn’t starring in it this time around. No matter because if he thinks we should check something out,we’re taking his word on it.

Rob (Travis Mitchell) is a dad who has recently lost his son. Thanks to a mysterious programs,Rob is still able to talk to Daniel’s soul. While Rob is comforted to know he can keep in touch,for Daniel its a different story,he has to convince his Dad to make one more gesture of love….

I’m writing this review two days before the 5th year anniversary of my wife Lori’s passing from cancer. I found “Partitioned Heart” to be excellently written and directed by Matt Morris. His choice of Travis Mitchell to play Rob and Malik Uhuru to voice act Daniel are spot on. Travis perfectly captures both the horror,happiness and denial that Rob goes through in this 9 minute film.

What is amazing is how fast Mitchell is able to get to the process of showing his grief,it takes a LOT of energy and the course of several days to get into that level of pain where you can see it in the performance,its a skill that many actors never reach but Mitchell does it seamlessly.

Uhuru’s performance is also fine despite only his voice doing the acting,you instantly believe the son-father dynamic,it comes across as totally real. While we don’t know how Daniel died,we know that father and son were at the stage where they were bumping heads ever so gently but also were very close as we Daniel taking charge in helping his dad and Rob trusting him to do the right thing.
One wonders how well would you be able to let go completely and utterly.
This is a beautiful and heartfelt piece of film making. Matt Morris,Travis Mitchell and Malik Uhuru have made a instant classic.


Synopsis: Rob, a grieving father, is revisited by his deceased son Daniel through a mysterious program. When Daniel makes a devastating request, Rob must push himself to do the unthinkable.

Director: Matt Morris

Writer: Matt Morris

Stars: Travis Mitchell, Malik Uhuru

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