Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #10

Its 4:27 am

Back into covering this Issue-By-Issue reviews by the fine crew that is The Tell Tale Mind. In this issue,we get The Thing teaming up with the Black Widow. At this point in Natasha’s career,she was played as a bit of a anti-hero,she was a Russian spy who wasn’t quite fully on the side of the angels yet. In her first appearance in  Marvel Two-In-One #3
she is facing off against Ben and Daredevil.
But in this issue,she is and its a good thing for the world is in trouble and its going to take both The Thing and Black Widow together to save us all.
One good point that the reviewer makes in this issue is how Ben is framed sort as a blue collar type with his street way of talking. Now I know Marvel couldn’t have two proper speaking figures like Reed Richards in the Fantastic Four but the way Ben speaks,you think that this lug hasn’t passed junior high let alone being a very highly educated man in his own right,you don’t become a gifted pilot without knowing how to say “Black Widow” properly.
The Black Widow has always been one of Marvel’s best used women characters and one of the most popular. Word has it that she is going to get her own solo movie,maybe she’ll face off against Agamemnon,a ex-boyfriend. (wonder if Brian Cox is available?)

The Telltale Mind

Writer – Chris Claremont
Artist – Bob Brown
Inker – Klaus Janson
Colours – Klaus Janson
Letters – John Costanza

Coming on board with this issue are Chris Claremont and Bob Brown who present an action-packed tale that finds the Thing teaming up with the Black Widow in order to save the world. It seems a madman that Natasha once knew and was once in love with is now out to destroy whatever he can with an atom bomb bigger and more powerful than anything that has come before. For his part, Benjamin J. Grimm is brought into this all by accident, merely having a stroll in the park one day with his girlfriend Alicia when Black Widow and the villains who pursue her come crashing into his world. Once it starts, the excitement rarely lets down for a second and Claremont injects some intrigue and some tension as the…

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