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Have Cheetah,Will View #198 – “Jericho” (2012)

Its 6:20 pm

I was talking to my friend Black Canary and as usual,I was telling her about my favorite year of this year,”A Dark Song”. I have been telling everyone who’ll listen about Liam Gavin’s beautifully scary film.  It’s such a piece of wonderful storytelling that it got me thinking,had Liam done anything else as a film maker before filming “A Dark Song”?
So I sent him a tweet asking him that question and happily he said he had a couple of shorts of which “Jericho” is one of them. When Liam mentioned that “Jericho”was the best thing he has done,the cheetah and I knew we had to take a peek.

After watching this 13 minute short film,I can say clearly that Liam Gavin is my new favorite indie writer/director.  Normally I would share my thoughts on what I felt about the film. But this is a film I think you should seen clean and form your own thoughts and feelings.

I will say as in “A Dark Song”,I can strongly relate to the subject matter as Gavin’s exploration of grief and sorrow that he shared in “Song” can clearly be traced here in “Jericho”.  While it’s a haunting and difficult trail to travel with many twists and turns and Liam seemingly is at home in looking at grief in many forms,I really urge this young man to branch out and go visit that park and play in the rain…..creatively speaking that is.

The whole cast was brilliant as well,voice actors Joe Rooney and Mark Cantan were spot on as Jericho while Helen MacDermott and Mark McNamara did fine as Blizzard.
The score was masterfully created by Frank Iflman  and Ruairi O’Brien brought a real sense depth in his camerawork.
I absolutely loved this gem and I highly recommend watching it as well as “A Dark Song”.


Please take the 13 minutes and watch “Jericho”,we would love to get your thoughts on it.

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