Have Cheetah,Will View #200 – “The Jurassic Games” (2018)

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200 reviews (more or less)!! When I started this series as a way of finding something to write about,I never envisioned what would become of it. But I have met so many remarkable people and discovered so many different communities because Paladin and I have shared our views on films with you.
For our 200th review I put a (far too late) poll asking which genre we should cover for our 200th. Would it be a film from my favorite film house,IFC? Maybe another new exciting short film from Timothy Cox or would our deep cover informant from Warner Brothers whisper “Teen Titans GO!”? I have several very cool documentaries just waiting to be shared as well…
But in the end,the cheetah and I had to go back to our roots. Our very first review was the Sean Cain directed blockbuster  “Jurassic City” and in tribute to our good buddy Sean,we are headed back to the land of the dinosaur and reviewing “The Jurassic Games” directed by Ryan Bellgardt.

The Jurassic Games is quite honestly a mish-mash of several other stories. Set in the near future,the Games takes 10 convicted violent murderers and hooks them up into a virtual reality machine which transports them into various playing fields. The rules are simple,last person standing wins a pardon and it doesn’t matter how you do it.

The Games are of course televised globally and huge throngs gather around to watch the kills and make bets. The show is driven by its very popular Host (Ryan Merriman) and the show’s producer Savannah (Perrey Reeves) who keeps her thumb on the viewing audience’s pulse.

On this edition of the Games there is a contestant,Anthony (Adam Hampton),who could be innocent. While he was convicted of his wife’s murder,in the public’s eye,there is plenty of doubt.   To juice up the ratings,the Games send reporter Laura over to talk to Anthony’s two kids who implore their dad to “win”.

The Games themselves consist of 4 parts,players only have an certain time limit to complete finish the section or else they’re virtually killed in the game which means they’ll die in real time. And with all different types of dinosaurs out there ready for a Scooby snack,the players will have to pick their poison,dinos in front of you,fellow convicts in the rear,who will lose their head to who first?

Everything seems to be going very well on this edition of the Games,9 hardcore convicts,the public’s favorite and fresh new challenges wait the players. But who are the Cavemen and why they targeting the most popular entertainment show in the country?

Did the cheetah and I like “The Jurassic Games”??? HELL YEAH we did!!! This was a pure hoot from start to finish. Like I mentioned,the story is a old one but director Bellgardt who also co-wrote the story with Galen Christy,has put all of his money on the screen. The effects are worthy of a much bigger budgeted movie,we really got excited to see a sabrecheetah (no,I’m not kidding!!!) as one of the animals and he scored a nice kill as well!!

While the convicts are a bit one note,there are a couple of really nice performances by some relative newcomers. This is one of the things we love about watching cool indie films,casting directors can be adventuresome and some gutsy calls in finding the right talent for a movie. Jan Glaser and Michelle De Long certainly did a slam bang job in casting Katie Burgess as the psychopathic Joy. She may seem young,pretty and a bit helpless but don’t let her looks fool you,she played a great killer. Joy was definitely the most interesting of the players as Anthony was alright but he needed to show more fire. If he is innocent,I would expect him to fight like hell to win like Joy was doing.

The second actress of note was Laura played by the lovely Erika Daly,her take on Laura was epic. While she appears to be meek and mild,she is so much more as she starts digging into Anthony’s past to find out the real story,is he really innocent or should he be the sabrecheetah’s next snack? The answers will definitely surprise you..
As mentioned,Ryan Merriman,who is no stranger to horror (Final Destination 3) looks to be having a lot of fun and that is important in a film like this. It’s not a studio blockbuster (but sure as hell is better then that new Solo pile of catpoo) but by working hard,Ryan elevated the movie up a couple of notches.

“The Jurassic Games” hasn’t been released yet so we’ll have to update you when it does.
It has a run time of 90 minutes and is rated “R” language. This is one of our favorite films of 2018 for sure!!

The cheetah and I give “The Jurassic Games” a huge thumbs/4 paws straight up.
I sure hope there is another dinosaur movie for #300!!

Love to hear from you,please drop a comment below!!


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