Thoughts from the parking lot…..

It’s 5:15 pm

Yesterday afternoon my buddy Romey and I decided to grab a Frosty at Wendy’s and chill out for a few minutes. We were doing a quick film exchange before he was headed out on a date. While we were there,his date got delayed so we had time to walk to the grocery store and pick up a few items. The store was pretty busy but not overly crowded and pretty soon we were done and checked out.
We zipped back to our cars,exchanged films….he was really happy to see I had hooked him with “Raiders of the Lost Shark”….hey,you gotta take care of your fellow fanboys,am I right?
As we sat in our cars and Romey was checking was his girl was texting about,a van pulled up a couple of rows from us. It was the last parking spot near outgoing exit and while we saw it park,we didn’t pay it any attention.
Then a big husky guy got out along with his wife and two small kids. Headed into the grocery store to maybe grab some burgers….but nope.
The guy reached into his van and grabbed a cardboard sign and started to panhandle.
Romey and I watched this unfold in stunned silence. Now you have to understand,this dude wasn’t disabled,nor it appear that anyone in the family was starving. They were professionals…the guy was in his early 30s and well built,he could have worked at a car factory or construction,he looked strong.
As we just looked at each other,cars started stopping and giving them money,my first thought was ,if they were a minority family instead of a white family,how soon would we have heard the “get a job” cracks you know would have been aimed at them.
Instead this family was going to use the sympathy of others to con money and show a poor example to their kids. On this weekend where we are asking where 1,500 kids are that our fascist government has “lost”,this was a reminder that we can lose our kids from right under our own noses.

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