Have Cheetah,Will View #203 “A Country Wedding” (2015)

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It’s been a bit slow as of late here in terms of posting,the cheetah and I have been spending a lot of time puttering around the house and sitting on our front step watching a little slice of the world.

Lately I noticed I have been watching and reviewing a lot of horror related films and while you know I do love a good horror film,we also love the lighter stuff as well. With that in mind,the cheetah made his trip down to the basement and came up with a movie from the Hallmark Channel. I am under standing orders from the cheetah that if I see any Hallmark movies while hunting,I am to pick them up and you don’t argue with Paladin!!

“A Country Wedding” opens with a interview with the latest Hollywood super couple,country superstar Bradley Sutton (Jesse Metcalfe and Oscar winning actress Catherine Mann (Laura Mennell) announcing the engagement.
Down in Milltown,Texas Sarah (Autumn Reeser) is watching the interview while prepping some flowers on her ranch. She then gets some company in the form Jimmy,the town’s resident banker. Sarah and Jimmy comment on the engagement as Bradley grew up in Milltown and is the most famous person to come from the town.

In fact Bradley still owns his childhood home next door to Sarah,the two were so close that they once were married….well sort of.
But the main reason Jimmy is there is that Sarah is in arrears on her mortgage and Jimmy has been very understanding but now he is getting pressure. Sarah begs him for one more month,her ranch is for abandoned and old horses and she is waiting to hear if she has gotten a grant she put in for. He agrees and they part still on good terms.
Meanwhile Sarah sends Bradley a small package in Los Angeles.

A Country Wedding Final Photo Assets
It is there where Bradley and Catherine along with Catherine’s manager Margaret (Lauren Holly) are making wedding plans. Bradley wants a low key event while Catherine wants the super wedding in Italy. While they are talking,Margaret points that someone sent Bradley a package and she detects there is something in it. Bradley ignores it but when Catherine opens it,a ring falls out and she reads the letter which Sarah called Bradley by his childhood nickname.

As he picks up the ring,Catherine asks him how he knows Sarah and he tells her that Sarah and he were once married…..sort of.
We flashback many years and we see three 13 year old kids dressed very nicely but its not a day of joy but of sadness,Bradley’s parents have been killed and the funeral was on this day. To try and help Bradley,Sarah and their friend Adam suggest they get married. Adam’s dad is the local preacher and he knows (sort of) how to conduct a wedding. They exchange vows and instead of a smooch,they lightly tap each other on the shoulder.
Back in the present day,Bradley is looking at the ring Sarah sent him…”This was my mother’s ring” he tells Catherine and Margaret.

Catherine suggests Bradley go home,sell the house and get away for a bit while she continues with the wedding plans. He agrees and soon enough is headed back to his hometown.
Bradley enters his childhood home,while the house’s caretakers had maintained the outside,the inside is full of boxes and the furniture is covered with a heavy coat of dust on the sheets. It is clear Bradley has mixed emotions coming back here.

He then walks over and reconnects with Sarah. The two fall into a easy banter and Bradley tells her he is selling the house. She explains about her ranch and her mission.
We then find out that Sarah is a veterinarian and the two make a plans to catch up along with Adam the next day.
Bradley sits on his porch at night and plays one of his hits,Sarah hears it and sings along with him while looking at his ranch.
The three friends start fishing and Bradley starts talking about a New Age thing Bradley and Catherine do in Los Angeles,Adam (Aaron Craven) and Sarah are amused.
Bradley starts to write songs again and the roots he has been denying has gently started taking hold. As he sings,we see a montage of Bradley and Sarah living life,Bradley starts unpacking the house and then he has a huge inspiration that will change his,Catherine and Sarah’s lives forever……


Did the cheetah and I enjoy “A Country Wedding”? As a matter of of fact we did very much for the most part. Of course being a Hallmark Channel rom-com,you already know how the story is going to end,the fun comes in seeing who is going to take us to the ending.
This is our second Hallmark movie featuring Jesse Metcalfe and once again he does a great job as the male lead. His Bradley Sutton is clearly unsure about he got where he is so fast and the sudden romance with such a big star like Catherine  is not what he is ready for. You know this by watching how quickly he embraces his old home and hometown friends.
Autumn Reeser is everything you want in a rom-com lead actress,she is pretty,spunky,loves animals and doesn’t try to ruin a relationship,even at the cost of her heart. She only wants whats best for Bradley and when she knows he isn’t in love,she tries to help both Bradley and Catherine from future heartache.

A Country Wedding Final Photo Assets
While her screen time was brief,Lauren Holly looked amazing and one wished she had a bit more to do.
The one actor who suffered the most is Laura Mennell who played Catherine. Between a terrible peroxide blonde wig and enough make-up to sink a aircraft carrier,she looked terrible and shame on director Anne Wheeler for allowing this.

A Country Wedding Final Photo Assets

What a terrible disservice to a fine actress whose hard work will be overlooked by her Halloween like make-up job. What was strange was I knew I had seen before but couldn’t place my finger on it until writing the review,Mennell appeared in the great “Watchmen” movie as Jenny Slater. She was great in that role and she is very good here as Catherine.
The music is strong and the location shots of Milltown give a real sense of a tight knit town who keeps tabs on their sons and daughters even after they leave.

All in all,we really think “A Country Wedding” is worth taking a peek at.
The run time is 87 minutes and there are no special features.

Which Hallmark Channel movie do you recommend watching? Drop a comment below,we love to hear from you.


7 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #203 “A Country Wedding” (2015)

  1. I enjoyed it too and it’s one of the better ones. I completely with you on the terrible blonde wig. That wig seems to have gotten more use on another Hallmark Movie, The Wedding March (and a sequel or two), in which the lovely Josie Bissett is stuck wearing it. This isn’t the only bad wig Hallmark uses, but it is definitely the worst of them. The actress’s performance is just fine, but I kept staring at that stupid, ugly wig. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think this what makes Hallmark Channel movie a fun watch,spotting the slightly weird touches in every one of their romance films. The mystery films are pretty rock solid but the romance ones….we just reviewed our real bad HM movie and we were surprised at how bad it was…..thank you so much for your comment!!


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