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Have Cheetah,Will View #204 – “Life In Flight” (2008)

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The cheetah and I are still in a “chill mode” and are recovering still from the epic opus “The Jurassic Games” so we decided to venture once more into our stash of IFC Films for our next review.  “Life In Flight” was writer/director Tracey Hecht’s feature film debut and she gathered a most impressive cast for a indie film. Then to have IFC release it for her,well,that is a great way to start a career…right?


“Life in Flight” is a difficult film to both watch and review because you feel start the film in the middle of it. There is no beginning and no ending,you suddenly find yourself watching a couple’s life start to implode and have no idea where it started at,only that is is happening and we don’t know what to think.

So I basically concentrated on the characters,Will (Patrick Wilson) is a man who seems to have it all,a thriving architecture business poised for a major merger that set his family for life,a really cute boy and a strong Type- A wife (Amy Smart). But he is completely unhappy and depressed,he feels his life and his family’s lives are just going too fast. His wife Catherine is so concerned with social status that she is blind to the cracks in their marriage,she rather be hosting parties and planning fancy vacations then listen to Will attempt to talk with her about their lives.

So when he meets Kate (Lynn Collins),a young talented designer while visiting a old college buddy,Will is enchanted with her and he encourages her to enter some of her designs on a big development he is working on. Will likes the free spirit that is Kate and while he meets up with her,he doesn’t make any moves but neither does he tell he is married. Kate misreads the mixed signals and when Catherine inadvertently gives out their address to Kate as she wants to drop some new plans off (and see Will) an awkward meeting occurs as Kate finds out that Will is married.

This causes a break in their relationship,Kate takes a job in Los Angeles and leads Will to decide what kind of life does he really want for himself. His choices will uproot a lot of lives and dreams and as we fade away,we really don’t what is in store for Will and his future….

So did the cheetah and I like “Life In Flight”? After all,it’s a IFC Film and they can do no wrong here,right? Story wise,I didn’t like “Life” only because I kept feeling I had missed too much critical information and felt I was behind in what was happening on screen.
At a mere 75 minutes,this felt more like an extended episode of “Brothers & Sisters” or “Parenthood” then a feature length film.
This is a case where an extra 15-20 minutes to set up and end the movie would have been quite helpful. We know Will is depressed and Catherine is social climber but they weren’t always this way,so when did it go wrong?

The acting was solid,Patrick Wilson is proven he can do any role in any type of movie.
While this film is 10 years old,the work he has done since has steadily gotten better and better,he can elevate almost any movie (except for The Hollow Point,that was beyond saving) to an enjoyable experience.

Lynn Collins played Kate perfectly as young and immature in the ways of the world.
Her inability is assert herself in both dealing with her brother and lack of experience in relationships is both heartfelt and a bit maddening,she should know a little more then she does,especially living in a city like New York.

The real sleeper here is Amy Smart’s Catherine. Wow,does Amy kick ass here,this is the role I have seen her in as Catherine is a very complex character,her single mindedness in becoming one of social elite that Will’s merger will bring has completely unmade her. She isn’t the same person Will married and she doesn’t pay any attention until its too late   and she has no idea what happened. All three leads are great.
The locations in New York are beautiful as always and even in the somewhat seediest places,New York City still manages to sparkle like a diamond.
As for Hecht and this being her first film…..well she only has directed one more since “Life”. Hey,no one said directing was a easy job and not everyone is cut out for it.

“Life In Flight” would be rated PG-13 and has a run time of 75 minutes with no extra features.

The cheetah and I give the story a thumb/paw down while giving the acting a thumbs/paw straight up.

What IFC Film have you seen lately? Drop us a comment below!

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