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Have Cheetah,Will View #205 – “Hell’s Kitty” (2018)

12:07 am

The cheetah and I were relaxing earlier this week when I let on that our new pals at Wild Eye Releasing were sending us something special to make up for that 3 minutes of lives we lost watching “Raiders of the Lost Shark”.  Sure enough a package came through and I brought it into the house where we opened it.

Wild Eye had come through in the clutch and sent us “Hell’s Kitty”….which we knew was a comedy because we all know that God created cats before he made us crappy ass humans,right?


Okay,we finished “Hell’s Kitty” and there are two ways to look at it,as a strict movie viewer which in that case,you’ll hate it. Or you’ll follow the cheetah and myself and praise writer/director Nicholas Tana for making such a lovely fan letter to horror icons and classic films in the genre. Not to mention acknowledging the studios like Troma and Full Moon who specialized in films like “Hell’s Kitty”.

The plot,such as it is,concerns Nick’s (Tana) cat Angel is possessed and Nick is telling his therapist what has happened. All it does is set up little clips with some very well known faces that us older horror fans will know and absolutely will be excited to see onscreen again.
Each encounter pays homage to a movie or a TV series…Lee Meriwether (Batman) comments how well she can relate to cats,Adrienne Barbeau (Creepshow) shares she has a fear of crates and Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes),playing a detective,discovers a finger and proceeds to eat it!

No one seems to know how to handle Angel and various people try different tactics to rid her of her demonic spirit,even holding off a pair of well known Catholic priests and a pair of mediums who try and connect with Angel’s evil side.
I won’t list all the guest stars who must have enjoyed doing this ultra low budget caper for hopefully gas money and a decent craft table….as well as a after shoot party!
Again,if you are looking for a straight up horror film,”Hell’s Kitty” is not that movie.
This is a pure popcorn movie that will have you laughing and marveling at how many well known people Nicholas Tana must know!


“Hell’s Kitty” is rated “R” for gore played for laughs.  The run time is 90 minutes.
This is a perfect movie to watch during a Halloween themed party.  You can buy a copy by heading over to the Wild Eye Releasing website.

The cheetah and I had a lot of fun with this and we gave it a thumbs/paw straight up.

6 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #205 – “Hell’s Kitty” (2018)

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  3. This is one of your best reviews if you ask me. Excellent use of the Cheetah, clearly knowing what sort of movie this is, fun sounding synopsis. Great job all the way around.

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