Have Cheetah,Will View #207 – “Heidi” (2014)

Its 7:07 pm

The cheetah and I have answered the siren song that is Wild Eye Releasing and with that we decided to hit the very generous stash of goodies they sent and check out “Heidi”.

When we saw the cover and saw a toy doll,I sort of let out a groan,possessed toys is a bit of a horror cliche but the cheetah has never watched one so he was excited and its why he picked it out.
What can I say,the cheetah picked out a winner here and so did Wild Eye Releasing!
This is a very modern tale of a old story and very interesting and very dark as well.


Ryan Davis and his best friend Jack Jenkins are a pair of YouTubers living in Las Vegas where they film their practical joke series called “Boo-Ya”. They are constantly filming each other and other family members. The story focuses on Ryan who lives with his mom and older sister. The sister is moving out on her own and as always Ryan is filming her new place.
Ryan and Jack are sort of bored as this movies takes place during their summer vacation. When Ryan’s sister offers him her old job as a bird sitter for a elderly woman,Ryan agrees.  Dottie Porter and her bird Rocky live on the same street and she is a kindly lady. Ryan of course is filming his interview and is a little taken back by all the things Dottie expects him to do.  But he takes the job and does a nice job.
Meanwhile we see Jack at home tormenting his younger brother Elijah,Jack is quite the asshole and not the seemingly carefree teen we have seen earlier in the movie.

Ryan meets a nice girl,Amanda,while out filming and the two become friends but even she notices how Ryan films everywhere he goes…
Which is how we find Jack and Ryan in Dottie’s house. Jack is filming Ryan cleaning and is teasing him about his job. The two are exploring the house when Jack spots the doorway to the attic. The two boys decide to explore it and grab a ladder and head up.

Inside they find a ton of items,including boxes of mint comic books,they deduce that Dottie doesn’t know about this treasure trove as they find a Ebay invoice from the owner before Dottie,he was a seller.
As the boys poke around,a ball bounces into sight and the friends think each other moved it as to generate a scare. They then notice a very creepy doll with a solid gold chain around its neck,the name is “Heidi”. They look at it for a bit and then toss it down….but as they get ready to leave,the doll has moved into a sitting position by itself.

With that,the boys scamper out of the attic.
Looking at the footage,Ryan and Jack are convinced the doll moved on its own but logically knowing that is impossible,move on with their day.
But when the doll pops up in Ryan’s house,he thinks Jack in messing with him and after several more sightings after Ryan has locked up,boxed up and thrown away the doll,Ryan and Amanda are starting to get creeped out.
When Dottie and Rocky are found gruesomely murdered,Jack and Ryan are panicked about what has happened and the tension is so bad that Heidi ends up breaking up the friendship between the two. The doll is no longer funny and soon the real terror begins….


So did the cheetah and I like “Heidi”? Yes,we found it to be both fun and very dark in the end,the ending was not what we expected and while we sort of rooted for Heidi when it came it time for her and Jack to “play with me”,its clear that writer Daniel Ray is a fan of Victor Salva’s “Jeepers Creepers” and that is a good thing.  Ray isn’t afraid to comment on today’s obsession with selfies and being “famous” on YouTube where as nothing is private to too many people and how that quest to become even more well known can lead to unexpected trouble. His script is smart and topical and very self aware.
The acting is far better then one would expect for a cast of relative newcomers,the three main leads,Samuel Brian as Ryan,Joei Fulco as Amanda and Joey Bell as Jack are all strong. Bell is the most experienced actor here and he is the right one to play Jack as he has to show a lot more range,he made Jack into the perfect ass that you want to see get his due coming to him.

The Heidi doll is a great prop,kudos to make up artist Joshua Brokaw for not doing anything but darkening her eyes to make her scary. Using the camera itself to tell Heidi’s story and not using wire work for cheap jump scares is also what makes Heidi very effective. See her in different poses every time the camera focuses on her is a really unsettling thing to see.

“Heidi” has a run time of 97 minutes and is rated “R”. Special features include a photo gallery,deleted scenes and trailers. You can buy a copy of “Heidi” by going to the Wild Eye website.

The cheetah and I gave “Heidi” a thumbs/paw straight up.

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