Have Cheetah,Will View #208 – “Slumber” (2017)

Its 11:25 pm

I was sitting on the couch quietly eating a bowl of steamed veggies. I have been sluggish since I have returned from putting my pops to rest. The cheetah,with one eye watching the Troy Police Department Twitter feed and one eye on me decided to take things in his own paws. He and I re-watched “I,Frankenstein” and then “Pitch Perfect” for the first time and we both loved it quite a bit.
He suggested we return to our reviews since we have suddenly gained a boatload of new Word Press followers this week. Me thinks some of my fellow reviewers must have said some kind things about our blog or something because “poof”!,we have welcomed quite a gaggle of new fans.

The cheetah picked out a recent blind that I picked up at Family Video. I picked up  “Slumber” because this was the first film I have seen the very talented Maggie Q be the lead actress. That was enough to entice me to take a flyer….
I have to be honest here,”Slumber” was a rough watch. A very game cast worked very hard to combat a tired plot and absolutely horrid pacing.



Maggie Q stars as Dr. Alice Arnolds, a renowned sleep doctor. She is haunted after witnessing the death of her younger brother as a child. He appeared to be frightened to death after weeks of  sleep walking,it appears he was talking to a ghostly creature as Alice tried to save him before he fell out of a window and died.
Alice is very good at her job and works at a clinic where she helps many people with sleep disorders,she is happily married and has a daughter.

When the Morgan family start to experience the same things that happened to Alice many years ago,she attempts to help them. The presence seems to target young boys in their sleep,each attack scatters the family and weakens the child as the family is also assaulted during the night and only by the thinnest margin does Morgan’s wake up to save Daniel,the son who is being attacked.
Alice is taken back when the whole family is to be observed at her clinic.  But know Alice is starting to be affected by sleepwalking episodes herself and is having a hard time sleeping. After nearly passing out watching the Morgan family,she goes to get coffee and misses the family being attacked,when she attempts to wake them up,the husband violently attacks Alice in his sleep,she is rescued by Cam,a night janitor and leading to the father’s arrest.

The next day,Cam resigns from the clinic and urges Alice “to save yourself” by staying from the Morgan family. But Alice is taken by the fact that Daniel reminds her of the brother she saw die and is determined to save Daniel Morgan from the demon known as the Night Hag…..

Whew…and phew. “Slumber” was the perfect title for this possession snoozer. While the film looks good and the cast,led by Maggie Q and a strong supporting role by Sylvester McCoy,do their best,the story is cliched ridden,poorly developed and ends in a completely weird and confusing manner.


This was writer/director Jonathan Hopkins feature film debut and he is also credited as a co-writer as well.  I think Hopkins would have served “Slumber” much better just a director,spreading yourself too thin when you don’t have the experience as a film writer generally spells disaster and it does here.Plus the pacing is sooooo damn slow,that “Slumber”‘s 84 minute run time seem more like 240 minutes. The action is weak,the “creature” is never clearly seen nor is its origin defined. It is suddenly dropped into play with no rhyme or reason.

“Slumber” is rated “R” and has no special features. This is one possession movie that needs to skipped.

The cheetah gave this one the  “Seattle Superstorm” treatment while I gave it a thumbs down as well.

What is your favorite “possession” film? Drop a comment5 below and share it with us.

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