United Nations

Its 10:35 pm

So I am actually taking this gym thing seriously,I have been going on a regular basis for the past month. I cleaned out my freezer of all my fast foods and my canned pineapple which I found out,along with two other of my “healthy” fruits,raisins and bananas are actually bad for me…I mean a rare banana isn’t bad but I was getting 5 of them a week! Who knew,right?
I am doing the apple cider vinegar drink twice a day and yes,it works extremely well. I do not have the insane cravings at night for a Taco Bell run and I am sleeping much better. My weight is still up but that is because I haven’t been walking like I did last summer. So I have hopped back on the walking and been walking for 45 minutes which has flown past quite quickly,I do one giant circle,a little cross country over a hill and then three half mile loops which add up to 45 minutes.  I am walking at the Summit in the Park this summer instead of the nature trail I did last year,I will get back there before the summer is over but for now,the paved Summit walk way is where I’m walking at.
The park is awesome,I pointed out in a earlier blog about how diverse the Summit is. If anything,its even more so now as I started my walk. I saw Indian families,Muslim families were playing soccer,a mixed group was playing volleyball (and kicking ass doing it….) and a mother and son speaking Spanish as they walked. Besides one fisherman,I was the only white person in my area of the park and I enjoyed that.
Most of the time when I walk,I walk pretty steady and keep my head slightly lowered,its a old habit I learned early. By keeping my head down,it allows me to watch my shadow and be aware of anyone coming behind me. I picked that up in San Jose where I walked everywhere because I didn’t know how to drive as of yet.
I used to walk home every night when I worked at the various clubs in San Jose and it was a defensive tactic. Even when I walk with a partner,I tend to keep my head slightly lowered. When I walked yesterday,I made sure to keep my head and say “hello” to folks.
I collected a lot of smiles along the way and I enjoyed the peacefulness of the park.
It really saddens me to see so many people attacking someone whose culture they don’t understand. I am hoping that I never see that happen because I won’t be tolerant of that,when and if you see that injustice and bigotry,take a stand and stop it.  Film the person and launch it online. Companies are firing bigots whose actions bring shame and disgrace and really hurt their businesses. They don’t want the stigma of knowing they hired a fascist.  I think most people would rather walk around the park and see

Had a fun weekend as well as I hosted the first “Romegoolie”movie night along with the cheetah. Our buddy Romey came over as I played “Bonejangles” and “Super Fly“. Had a great time and looking forward to hosting Romey and our friend Cassie. I sure hope she knows what she is getting into as the next night will be featuring mystery picks from the cheetah and I.

So unlike YouTubers,I don’t get a lot of mail. I got a huge box of films from my friend Lon and I get a sprinkles of emails from indie filmmakers who ask me for a review.
So imagine the surprise I got when I read the following e-mail:

“Hello, my name is T**** from MOVIE-W****. Well, I’ll get straight to the point. I currently lack a means to keep my blog up and running steadily; I need to fund my frequent trips to the IMAX theatres so that I can do timely movie reviews. It would be a profound honour if you’d be kind enough to help my cause by donating through my PayPal address. It can be a one time donation, or a monthly donation, any can do and will be appreciated.

I look forward to further communication with you.


Of course the cheetah and I didn’t want to be rude so we wrote back:

Holy crow…..I don’t know whether to be pissed off or what. Sending me a form letter asking for money? Damn,the least you could have done is address me by my name before hitting me up….
I don’t know if you read my blog or not but I pay for 97% of the movies I review out of my pocket. I can’t afford to go a IMAX theater much less a regular theater myself.
But I would never ask a complete stranger for money like this,its in bad form. I would suggest setting up a Patreon account that I see many bloggers and YouTubers have done. That way your readers can help support you.
No,I’m not pissed……just taken aback……are you located in the UK?

See? I wasn’t crushing his nuts or dreams but I was pretty amazed that someone would actually make such a request. I knew he hadn’t read my blog as well…because outside of Rob from Wild Eye Releasing and our deep cover informant “MP” from Warner Brothers,I get zero films for free. Now of course if you WANT to send us a few movies instead of trying to have a yard sale…..we’ll be happy to accept. But please,we have no money to pay for someone’s IMAX experience. Not even a fellow film reviewer.

I like to say “thank you” for supporting the latest “8 Questions With…..” interview with Reanna Madson,I have 5 more interviews lined up including a repeat guest.

Well that is it for now.  Be good to each other……

Shout Outs

Stefani – Our deepest sympathies

Jimmy – Again,our deepest sympathies,Sweet Pea was an amazing friend.

My fellow film bloggers- Thank you SO much for your support,
what a great group of gals and guys!!

Rob and “MP” – Thank you again for your kind support,we love just about everything you send us!!! But not that Raiders of the Lost Shark….even the cheetah and I have our limits!

Elissa – So looking forward to seeing more of your work! And good luck to Skesis on his release!

I miss EA Sport’s “College Football” video game.

Who is going to see “Teen Titans Go the Movies”?

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