Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #13

It’s 12:32 am

What? You didn’t think I had forgotten to cover the excellent Issue-By-Issue coverage that our friends over at The Tell Tale Mind have providing us,have you?
Just been suddenly very busy both on the reviews and also the sudden upsurge in 8 Questions With interviews. But we’re back to chat a bit about this issue.
Benjamin Grimm aka The Thing finds himself fighting a whole damn living MOUNTAIN and while ol Blue Eyes is quite strong,not even he can stop it. He gets some help from Luke Cage aka Power Man. As noted in the review,Ben and Luke butt heads and that was always a pretty neat dynamic.
At this juncture,while Luke Cage is strong,him tangling with The Thing was like The Thing fighting the Hulk,willing to throw down but always coming just short in the raw power department. The gap between Power Man and The Thing is much larger in the era of this story and Ben holds back his full strength in many encounters.
In today’s world both Ben and Luke have been Avenger teammates for quite some time. They are friends and close allies in the Marvel Universe.
You gotta love Luke’s outfit!!! Sweet Christmas!!!

The Telltale Mind

Writer – Marv Wolfman, Roger Slifer, Len Wein
Artist – Ron Wilson
Inker – Vince Colletta
Colours – Petra Goldberg
Letters – Joe Rosen

The issue starts off by taking a different approach to its usual beginning, this time featuring the guest star who just so happens to be Luke Cage, Power Man. It is here that the reader discovers that a giant monster has been unwittingly created and let loose upon the city by a meek-minded fellow named Arnold Krank through the story he tells to Cage. For his part, Cage only seems to half-believe the man, but listens anyways and when it is finally over, declares that fighting a giant creature is not really his deal. That all changes though when Krank reveals that the Thing is currently facing the monster alone and Cage knows that Ben Grimm cannot handle the creature by himself if what Krank is…

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