Have Cheetah,Will View #215 “The Control Group” (2014)

It’s 6:19 pm

There is a new fad going on called “mash ups”. It’s where they’ll take a clip of a big star like Tom Cruise and have his Ethan Phillips character from the Mission Impossible films appear in every other film that he has done in his career. It’s funny but its a bit jarring as well seeing Ethan on a train,then in a F-14 Tomcat,etc….it’s a good lesson that many young filmmakers should study. Cramming poorly defined ideas and then adding even MORE poorly thought out ideas doesn’t make a good film,a really crapass film most likely,but not a good film.
I really like to try and explain what the plot of The Control Group….I think it’s screenwriter Logan Gion grabbing two hands of ideas and cliches and throwing them at the wall and hoping they’ll stick.

The film opens with (stop if you have heard this one before) with five students,3 males and 2 females waking up in a small room. Of course they have zero idea how they got there but at least they do each other. That will help them figure out a escape,right?
Well with the walls bleeding when they’re touched,doorknobs that suddenly freeze and other weird stuff happening,escape may be the least of their problems. But together they can overcome except that one of their members has already vanished.

The other four are chased by men in crow costumes (no,seriously,they are) and while they’re fighting off those,they are also visited by a GHOST(!!!) from the 1920s who looks like she got rejected for a Harry Potter film….
The students then find their missing pal only to watch him walk into the barbwire trap they must have borrowed from the prop department from the first SAW film (Hi Leigh!! Hi James!!) and cut himself to death.

We next see the evil Dr. Doom,err,Jigsaw,err,Dr. Broward (Brad Dourif) and his small team of “elite band of black op soldiers” (I swear,this description is on the back of 96% of all indie horror films..it means they have 5 guys because of the budget) are supposedly testing some experimental drugs on the kids (and that meddling dog!).
Oh,the guy killed in the SAW trap…..he comes back as a zombie.


At this time,the cheetah had had enough and grabbed himself a 15 pack of Colorado Piss Water and headed to the basement.  I,in turn started a Go Fund Me page to help Brad Dourif find a better agent. You know your movie is in deep shit when a actor comments that the script “is being changed/re-written” on a daily basis. I can tell you,that didn’t happened with Dourif on the set,he would have made 22 year old director Peter Hurd (when this was filmed) walk through that barbwire room.

Now I’m with the majority of the cast who were impressed that Hurd put together a legitimate budget and paid SAG actors to his project. But he and his friend Logan should have made a couple of short films FIRST to gain experience. Just because you have the money for a film doesn’t mean you can DIRECT one first time out of the box.  This was a complete mess that made zero sense. I think Hurd and Gion would have benefited from the short film format and also learning to storyboard their film. I have noticed that most directors who use this tool,their films come across as well told,compact and paced correctly.  As of this review,this is the only film that Hurd has tried to direct and Gion has written. Did “The Control Group” sour them on the industry or are they perhaps locked in the same room with those weird crow guys?


This film was distributed by Wild Eye Releasing. It has a run time of 84 minutes and would rated “R”. It does have a Director’s commentary and a making of short.
The cheetah and I both gave the “The Control Group” a huge furball.

Have you ever watched “The Control Group”? Did the cheetah and I miss the mark on this one? Leave a comment below!!

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