Have Cheetah,Will View #218 – “Mystery of the Nile” (2005)

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So lately I have been finding all of our latest films either at Family Video or have been graciously sent by the two companies who send us goodies. But I haven’t given up on one of our favorite hunting spots,the local library. While the pickings have been rather lean this summer in terms of quality,I have managed to score a few documentaries which is what I always look for first when I go on new release day.   I have had some good fortune when it comes to find IMAX films but it had been a LONG time since I had found one in the library,the last one we reviewed,”Jerusalem“,was found at Family Video and I only think they carried it because Benedict Cumberbatch did the narration.
So stumbling across “Mystery of the Nile” was quite exciting and I was happy to have found,IMAX films are so awesomely beautiful and wonderfully made. “Mystery of the Nile” was no different!!

Back in 2004 Pasquale Scaturro led a raw,handpicked team including famed kayaker Gordon Brown on a seemingly impossible mission,raft down the 3,260 Blue Nile River,the most dangerous river in the world and something that had never been done before. Earlier quests led to several people either drowning,killed by Nile crocs or murdered by bandits.
Add the fact that the team picked were all rafting novices which made it seem even more of a no win mission. The small team is shown practicing how to get back into the raft if they fall overboard while going down some of the most hair-raising white water rapids anywhere.

While in a few places,the team might have to go overland,Gordon is shown going down every possible inch of the river as possible including being lowered down the Blue Nile Falls or “Tis Abay” which means “Great Smoke”. The rest of the team had to repel down the cliffs of the falls.
The team is shown exploring many cultures and peoples during the long trip including visiting one of 11 Christian churches literally carved out of stone. Despite hearing that the ark of the covenant is in one of the churches,it is not seen….but a very colorful Christian ceremony is filmed.

Encounters with hippos and crocs are alluded to including a very close call for Gordon with a 14 ft Killer Croc. There are many ways to die on the Nile,that is for sure! But the rewards of attempting such a historical trip are just as exciting and enticing as well.
The cinematography as always with IMAX films is mindblowing and Reed Smoot,who also filed “Jerusalem” is on top of his game here as well,just amazing and in many places,very spiritual. This was filmed before “Jerusalem” but one can see the genesis of that film here in “Mystery of the Nile”.
Despite more close calls and illness,Pasquale,Gordon and the team reach the end of the ever in 114 days and are left feeling blessed as will anyone who watches this historic adventure.


“Mystery of the Nile” is unrated but we think “PG” is the right call. It has a run time of 48 minutes and is packed with special features including a digital copy.

This is our 4th IMAX film review and I absolutely love these films. Every one is a must see in my book.  Have you seen a IMAX film? If so,which one? Leave a comment below!

6 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #218 – “Mystery of the Nile” (2005)

  1. I love these films too Michael. They are high quality, wonderfully produced and entertainingly educational. I’ve seen one on the Tour de France that was mesmerizing. I highly recommend it if you run across it. I’ll look for this one.

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    1. I get pretty jazzed when I stumble across one of these rare treasures. There is a collector in Canada who posts shopping videos,at a thrift store there were about 15 IMAX titles and he ignored them all…..I was yelling “GET THEM!!!”

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