Katie and the .308 shell.

It’s 1:32 am Last Tuesday I made my weekly run to the library. As usual,I was a bit early so I stood in the magazine section while I waited for other regulars  Most of the time I look at Reader’s Digest or a plane magazine. Something quick to read because 3:00 comes quickly and I […]

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Have Cheetah,Will View #227 – “Riverdale – Season One” (2017)

It’s 12:54 pm I have written many examples about my being a fanboy and have included reviews of different types of film genres of fanboyhood…..creature features,animation,sci-fi and fantasy. In some cases,we have watched live action TV series like “Lucifer” and “Constantine” and have really liked them quite a bit. When I heard the CW had […]

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It’s 9:13 am they say laughter is the best medicine it isn’t but it is a fine band aid for small hurts and uncertain times creating laughter and giving it to those who need it more then anyone would ever imagine the building where is comes from lies like an abandoned bombed out shell of […]

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no fear

  Dreaming underwater,grasping but finding empty coolness In my memories I see your face as the water starts to blur it I am scared of the water of what it means as I see you start to lose form and shape in my mind’s eye But fear still stays away from my heart and soul […]

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