Have Cheetah,Will View #222 – “Recoil” (2011)

It’s 12:52 am


The huge dollar sale is still going on at my favorite local hunting spot,Family Video. I can’t begin to tell you that as a movie buff how lucky we are having 4 of these stores within range of my house. These sales are just perfect for blind buying a film genre you have wanted to try or a discover a new star that everyone is talking about.
In our case,its a chance to load up on some awesome B-movie greatness because you know how much the cheetah and I love the small indie film world.


“Recoil” is about as lean and mean as it gets. Former Dallas cop Ryan Varrett (Steve Austin) loses his family in a hail of bullets,almost dies himself but recovers to start hunting the killers. His trail leads him to Hope,Washington,a small town owned and run by Drayke (Danny Trejo) and biker gang,The Circle.

Varrett meets Darcy (Serinda Swan) who runs the local hotel and is on the edge of giving up on life. The Circle killed her husband and she is just living day to day. But when she finds out that Varrett is there to battle the bikers,she helps out anyway she can.
The local sheriff is in Drayke’s pocket but his deputy which happens to the sheriff’s son,is a straight shooter and also helps Ryan out by making a call to the Feds for help not knowing the Feds are aware of Varrett and his activities.

After Ryan beats down a prospect (a rookie) of The Circle,Drayke comes out along with his brother Rex from their hangout in town. At first it looks like a showdown is going to happen but the bikers have business to run and let Ryan “go” for now.
Rex then pays Darcy a visit and things look ugly until Ryan pops up and saves Darcy and ends up killing Rex by driving him into the club’s meth lab in a old warehouse.
Drayke wakes up miles away,he has “felt” his brother dying. From then on,its a war between The Circle and Ryan and his small band of allies. As Ryan kills various members of the gang and disrupts their drug and gun running operation,the gang strikes back,killing a local townie who had tried to help and then shooting up Darcy’s hotel.
When Ryan and Darcy are taken Deputy Hedges calls in the FBI and SAC Frank Sutton (Lochlyn Munro!!!!) shows up to help rescue Ryan and to break up the Circle once and for all.


Did we like “Recoil”? Uh…..it had Lochlyn Munro in it,of COURSE we dug it!!!
“Recoil” doesn’t break any new ground here,Steve Austin is Steve Austin which means he is a total bad ass and takes care of business. Austin has worked hard on his acting and he takes pride in it,he is a professional and he doesn’t phone in any of his performances.   It’s why his films,while low budget and pretty much almost always action films have such a loyal viewership

.Danny Trejo as Drayke is also rock solid,he also a alpha male and the final fight with Varrett is rather interesting as both men actually fight with a little bit of honor. There is a funny moment when Drayke is knocked down and he reaches for a machete of which Trejo starred in two films as Machete! It’s a cool little in-joke.

The supporting cast is pretty solid as well. This is the first time we have seen Serinda Swan on screen,I knew she starred as Medusa in the ill-fated “Inhumans” series but I never watched an episode. But watching her in “Recoil” from seven years ago and its clear why Serinda is a now in demand actress,she is sultry but grounded. Her Darcy is no princess to be taken care of,she can handle herself pretty well.

Noel Gugliemi is one of my favorite character actors ever since he played “Hector” in the “Fast and Furious” films. The biggest laugh in the film is when he drops his famous line which I think he does in everything he has done…”Now that’s what I’m talking about”. He is such a good natured guy that it was hard seeing him as real bad guy. They had to “toughen” his Rex character up by having him smoke and dropping some F-bombs..yeah,it didn’t really work.
The two biggest drawbacks to “Recoil” is some of the script and fight scenes are really bad…they’re filmed way too slow and in a critical fight scene,how is it a biker gang that runs guns,has zero at hand when a group of bikers take on Ryan in their own headquarters??? You’re just starring at the screen going “WTF”????
The other drawback….not enough Lochlyn Munro, who is playing a good guy for a welcome change!! While his FBI agent is pretty rockin’,he is barely in the film and that really sucked!!
The film is directed by Terry Miles whose “Dawn Rider” was reviewed earlier by Paladin and myself. Miles knows his way around an action film and while “Recoil” isn’t quite as good as “Dawn Rider”,its still a solid effort.

“Recoil” is rated “R” and a run time of 90 minutes. Special features include a behind the scenes feature,deleted scenes and trailers.
The cheetah and I give “Recoil” a thumbs/paw straight up.

What have you been watching lately? Drop us a comment and tell us.

7 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #222 – “Recoil” (2011)

  1. I like indie too. Super Dark Times is really good. Undertow is great. Cop Car with Kevin Bacon is another indie that I’ve watched recently. Really good too. Hounds of Love…now that one is absolutely chilling. Great, horrific movie. Bone Tomahawk is excellent if you haven’t seen it. It’s got Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Richard Jenkins in it. A really great horror/B movie mashup.
    I might check out Recoil. I’m a Danny Trejo fan. I’ve told you how particular I am about action/adventure flicks. I’m a movie snob Michael, for better or worse. (Don’t Hate Me. I know its gross.) I love your writing–it’s great– and we both like Super Fly, but our taste is quite different. That said, I think you would enjoy all of the above, especially Cop Car and Bone Tomahawk.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have watched Cop Car and Bone Tomahawk and they are both very good,Cop Car is such an underrated gem,isn’t it? And that ending…..
      We enjoyed Bone Tomahawk as well…I showed a buddy “Hard Candy” which also featured Patrick Wilson and he thought it was awesome as well…
      Danny Trejo is so much fun to watch and he looks like he is always having a great time. “Recoil” was a fun 90 minutes of escape….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I agree. Cop Car is underrated. I think it’s clever and very atmospheric. I liked Hard Candy too. Trejo is great. He’s good in everything he does. The quintessential thug/gangster. I loved him in Heat. If you’ve seen Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and liked it (or appreciated it) you’ll like Hounds of Love.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. No I haven’t but if he’s in them–and I know he is–I’m in. My favorite movie he’s in is Heat. Then Runaway Train. Dusk Till Dawn. Spy Kids. Con Air. I dig all those movies. Danny Glover is a really good actor. I love him in Places in the Heart with Sally Field.

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