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Have Cheetah,Will View #223 – “Slow Creep” (2015)

SC1It’s 10:57 pm

So the cheetah and I were watching the rain fall down tonight and he mentions that it would be a good time for a Wild Release film. We have three left of the original batch that our new pal Rob sent us. We had a rough time with the last couple of films we watched so we knew that “Soft Matter” was bound to be good…..well,a funny thing happened,while we didn’t make it 10 minutes into “Soft Matter”,we did see that Jim Hickcox,the writer and directer of said film,had included a short from 2015 called “Slow Creep” and so the cheetah and I decided to check it out.

While the opening credits are bad enough to trigger a epilepsy attack (and I’m not joking here) the film itself is a real love letter to 80s horror mixed in with a little bit of “The Ring” and it works wonderfully.
15 year old Otter and her brother Sto head on down to a the local video store to rent out a horror film that supposedly haunted. The clerk insists that the film is haunted but of course that is why Otter and Sto want to see it.

Back the house,Sto and his friend Tres show up with pizza. Otter is getting the film ready when she hears Tres and she isn’t pleased that he is there. The three teens go to kitchen to get drinks and plates. Otter lets it drop that their parents to want Sto and Tres to be alone. Suddenly a loud noise comes from the living room,the TV and VCR have been tipped over…..but by who or what?


This 10 minute film is wicked sharp and we enjoyed it. While it appears set in the 80s,what with the video store and the excitement of renting a horror movie,which was a big event back then. The young cast led by Nya Garner who plays Otter is pretty good.
The two male leads,Jacques Colimon (Sto) and Tyrell White (Tres) are also good. The movie is smartly directed and written by Hickcox who must also dig Michael Jackson based on the sharp and fun ending.
Hats off to the Special Effects crew of Megan Cisneros,Karis Ford and Edwin Wise whose work is really quite excellent.


So while “Soft Matter” struck out with us,”Slow Creep” more then made up for it!
This was a hoot!!

If you want to see “Slow Creep”,head on over to Wild Eye Releasing and order “Soft Matter” 

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4 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #223 – “Slow Creep” (2015)

  1. My husband and I were just talking about how much fun it was to go to the video store back in the day. It was exciting, an event. I miss that.
    So I’ve got a couple of guilty pleasure films to run by you: Cobra with Sylvester Stallone. The original Motel Hell. Snake Eyes directed by Brian DePalma, starring Nicolas Cage.
    Now these films, for me, anyway, are more than guilty pleasures–I really like them. I know when I’m watching them that there are ridiculous aspects that make movie snobs role their eyes, but I think these things actually enhance these films.
    Another one, that I love, that most people don’t is Miami Blues with Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Jason Leigh and Fred Ward. What do you think about these Michael?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Never saw Cobra but I did like Snake Eyes,that one long shot was worth the price of admission. My favorite DePalma film is “Blow Out”,that movie is haunting as hell…like Cop Car is. It’s a movie that stays with you forever. Miami Blues was a lot of fun,haven’t seen it in years but I still remember the scene where Ward spotted Baldwin by the way he ate.
      Speaking of Baldwin,I really enjoyed him as The Shadow,one of the best looking films even today. I was so bummed that the movie didn’t do well enough to start a series….

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, Cobra was eaten alive by the critics. Ha! And I totally get it. But if you run across it, check it out. I think the first 40 minutes or so are terrifying. It’s the first movie that I know of that has a marauding band of serial killers. Stallone looks really good in this film physically and his car is awesome. It competes with the Superfly car.
        Blow Out is my favorite De Palma film as well. I love that movie. I’m a De Palma fan. Not Scarface so much as Dressed to Kill. The Untouchables. Carrie. To me these are brilliant films. Carlito’s Way and Body Double too.
        I didn’t care too much for The Shadow. I wanted to like it–I love the old radio series–it just didn’t do it for me.

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        • It’s always tough to establish comic/pulp characters because origin movies have to explain for the first audience who they’re watching. The Shadow did suffer from that but I think it deserved another shot….
          DePalma is interesting,his “Phantom of the Paradise” is an absolute hoot and has to be considered one of the movies that defined “cult film”,Phantom is my second favorite of his films as was a little scene gem called “Femme Fatale” which is such a cool movie.
          I’ll keep a eye for Cobra,I see it when I am hunting just never bothered getting a copy,I always thought it was 2 slices of bread short of a ham sandwich.
          But I do dig guilty pleasure movies,don’t you?


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