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8 Questions with………..singer/social activist/talk show host Eugene Ebner

It’s 10:20 pm

Welcome to another edition of “8 Questions With…..” my ongoing series where I talk to some very interesting folks from all over the world.
Eugene Ebner is a first for me….my first interview with a real talk show host who has his own show on YouTube where he interviews people from all over the world. Hmmm,that seems like deja vu,doesn’t it? Eugene is a not only a performer and a host but he is he very busy behind the scenes as well raising public awareness on a host of social issues that affect so many Americans.

As with so many of the folks I get the honor of talking with,Eugene is multi-talented…singer,dancer,and interviewer.
Instead of my traditional format of a written response,I asked to Eugene to do the interview in his own format and he recorded the following answers on his YouTube channel.

I like to thank Eugene once again for doing such a fun interview. Man,the cheetah and I need to visit New York City one day in our lifetimes.  Below is a interview that Eugene did with actress Elizabeth Welch from “Phantom of the Opera”.

To keep up with Eugene and his very busy schedule including when new episodes of “Conversations with Eugene Ebner” hit the airwaves,please consider visiting and bookmarking his website www.EugeneEbner.com.

As always,comments are most welcome so feel free to drop a few!


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