Have Cheetah,Will View #224 – “All Of My Heart: Inn Love” (2017)

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Wednesdays are my mellow days when I choose to watch a film or TV show. As any long time reader knows,the cheetah and I enjoy watching pretty much anything and that includes Hallmark movies. We have reviewed a few here on the blog and a lot of people have found us because of our of reviews and we are rather happy they do come and check our words out.
I am fond of pointing out that Hallmark Channel movies are bulletproof,no matter what anyone says or writes in a negative manner about their relentless cheerful formula,viewers keep flocking in.

“All of My Heart: Inn Love” is a sequel to “All Of My Heart” that ran on Hallmark in 2015 and is a movie the cheetah and I watched but didn’t review. The plot had a elderly lady named Emily pass away and leave a old house to two people, Jenny (Lacey Chabert) and Brian (Brennan Elliott). Neither Jenny,an aspiring chef nor Brian,an Wall Street broker know each other but due to life’s twist and turns,their journey leads them to the house where they decide work together and fix up the home which is in pretty bad condition.
During this time,they meet the various people of Bucks County,like Vern (Ed Asner) who imparts crusty advice, Casey (Heather Doerksen) who works as an waitress and befriends Jenny while Brian starts to fix up the house and befriends the local handyman/hardware store guru Tommy (Daniel Cudmore).
Of course there are some minor bumps and bruises including Jenny’s old boyfriend who suddenly pops up when it becomes clear Jenny and Brian are destined to be a couple but everything works out in the end…


That is where “All of My Heart: Inn Love” picks up. Brian and Jenny have settled nicely into the house, which they plan on turning into a Bed and Breakfast. But the house has other ideas,it has turned into a money pit and the couple is running low on money. Just as they are ready to open the bread and breakfast,which Jenny names “Emily’s Country Inn” after the woman who left them the house,a big storm comes in and does major damage that Brian isn’t really suited to fix nor do they have the money. When Jenny loses a small contract to sell her baked goods at a small coffee chain,the couple knows they need help.

Brian gets a call from a old colleague on Wall Street to help his old company close a huge deal,the client has requested Brian personally. Needing the money,Brian accepts as the job will be a few days for a big payday.
While knowing they need the income,Jenny is upset that Brian will be gone and she’ll be alone. She manages to patch the house together and books the B & B to some very nice people. What Jenny doesn’t know is a influential travel blogger is staying undercover at the house and is observing all the problems they have with the house.
Meanwhile,after Brian closes that big deal is offered another deal and the allure of Wall Street is becoming stronger with day and putting his and Jenny’s future at risk….


Looking back,it’s hard to write about a sequel without doing the prequel but that is one thing about Hallmark Channel movies,you really don’t NEED to see the first movie because the plot is pretty much going to be the same. It’s just a matter of how the writer,in this case-Karen Berger,is going to pull it off.
That said,I have to say I was disappointed in “Inn Love”,it was poorly written and poorly paced. The supporting characters Casey and Tommy were hardly seen compared to the first film. Ed Asner’s Vern was in ONE quick scene yet his name is listed on the DVD case as a major member of the cast. The script reduced Lacey Chabert’s Jenny from a strong independent and smart young woman into a weak,totally fawning and dependent on Brian stereotype.  The only two actors that came out looking good were Brennan Elliott and Lara Gilchrist as the travel blogger. Chabert is good but not even she could save how poorly written her part was.

The Bread and Breakfast itself….there is no way they would have been allowed to open with all the problems they still had,no hot water,fried electrical wiring,house being lit by dozens of candles….it just made Jenny and Brian look completely clueless when in fact they were and are PROFESSIONAL people who know the importance of details.
The pacing was terrible as well,director Terry Ingram’s stretches out a simple,flimsy store and it “Inn Love” seems to last forever. Lots of montages,and “cutesy” moments spent on goats which could have been spent of developing the story more. There is going to be another film in this film series and both Ingram and Berger are directing and writing it. One can only hope they can somehow recapture the magic and charm of the first film.
Chabert and Elliott’s onscreen chemistry is very popular to Hallmark Channel fans as they have made several films together including a new mystery series “Crossword Mysteries” which will debut later this year. I’m happy to say that chemistry still is there as they do make a great looking couple….

So while Hallmark movies can be “bulletproof”,that is no reason for them to be sloppy and boring.  They can do much better then “Inn Love”.

“All Of My Heart: Inn Love” has a run time of 86 minutes.

Have you watched a Hallmark Channel film lately? If so,drop a comment below!

4 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #224 – “All Of My Heart: Inn Love” (2017)

  1. I don’t often watch Hallmark films, but I do have a favorite: The Magic of Ordinary Days. I love this movie. It’s very well done and it’s compelling. I watch very little romance but this one was a real stand out among the few I’ve seen.

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