Have Cheetah,Will View #226 – “Nite Nite” (2017)

Its 11:27 pm

Paladin and I were watching the work crew I hired taking down the old sick tree by our house.  I was talking to him about this cool movie called “The Guardian” which featured a nymph who kidnapped infants and sacrificed them to a tree.
Just then I got a message from film director Chad Meisenheimer whose short film,”Check Please!” we had reviewed a while back. Fittingly enough he has another short film and its a horror one to boot! With link in hand,away we went……


“Nite Nite” is a very tightly wound ball of a film,at under four minutes,there isn’t a second wasted in this spin of what could be lurking under a bed or in the closet. That is indeed the problem for a little boy (Brady Bond) and now he has to convince his teen babysitter (Tommie Vegas) just how important it is to check EVERY thing before turning off the lights.
Of course when you’re a teen,you’re more focused on what your friend Heather (Sarah Rhoades) is telling you and that could be a bad mistake…


We liked “Nite Nite” but found ourselves wishing it had a couple of more minutes in its run time because it was a lot of fun. The score by Evan Oxhorn is a perfect tribute to old school 80s horror films and is quite effective. Chad does a great job in telling his story and even leaves a tiny cliffhanger at the end..

The film is currently finishing its run in various festivals and when Chad is able to give us a copy of “Nite Nite”,we’ll post an update.

This fine little fun size horror treat gets a thumbs/paws up from up.

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