It’s 2:39 am

On the surface I am alone
I live alone
I drive alone
I walk alone
I write alone

On the surface I am alone
I read alone
I sleep alone
I dream alone
I nightmare alone

On the surface I am alone
I travel alone
I clean my house alone
I watch TV alone
I awake alone

On the surface

On the surface

But alone I am not.

I awake with grief
I get ready for the day with memories
I talk aloud with shadows
I shop with pain

I shook hope’s hand once upon a time
My hands still feel her grip
I share my table with time
I dine with loss,I do all the talking

In the quiet of the night I am alone
but only on the surface
for in truth,I walk with you always
I dream of your beauty,of you kindness,of your grace

They are always there

always beneath the surface

where I’m not alone……

On the surface I am alone.

Michael Sullivan
copyright- 2018

8 thoughts on “surface

  1. Your pain is beautiful, Michael. It is artistry to me. It is selfish for me to like it, to appreciate it. Pain inspires you. When I say, “I pray for you, for beauty without pain,” I mean it unselfishly. I do. I hope that you can envision it. I do. I hope you can strive for it. I do.

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  2. I hope you know that I’m talking about living without pain here in this world Michael. I hope that you can be inspired without pain here in this world. You will always miss your wife. There will always be some pain but I hope and pray that the relentless grief and pain will leave you and that you will be happy here in this world.


  3. This is beautiful writing. Such love oozing from this pain. Makes the negative seem so insignificant when we look at it from a larger lens, doesn’t it?
    All this terrible hurt we go through as humans & yet nothing can snuff out that love. It’s always there. It’s the most powerful force on this plane, my friend. You’d better believe it. 😉

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